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The Bev Moore Show , April 21, 2023

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The Bev Moore Show
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with Bev Moore and guest Gemma McIlhenny

The Bev Moore Show with guest Gemma Smith McIlhenny, Netflix and Network TV Actress

Headlined Show, The Bev Moore Show April 21, 2023

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Guest, Gemma McIlhenny

Guest Name
Gemma McIlhenny
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Netflix and Network TV Actress
Guest Biography

Gemma McIlhenny was raised in West Philadelphia and attended Overbrook High School as a Fine Arts Major. Under the instruction of her mother and The Philadelphia Arts League Gemma developed a love of theater and acting, performing in various productions around the city. During her teenage years she volunteered in various community service based artistic endeavors. The primary focus was to allow inner-city youth a safe environment to express themselves through the arts . She later majored in Fine Arts at Philadelphia Community College before pursuing a career in law enforcement. Since then, Gemma has taught dance and drama with 'The Mount Airy Learning Tree'. She can be seen on network television shows such as her recurring role on New Amsterdam (NBC). As well as FBI (CBS), East New York (CBS), Power Book II: Ghost (Starz), Inventing Anna (Netflix), and many other film productions.

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hello welcome to the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries on your head Bev Moore<br> my guest today is a network TV and film actress<br> Google mcelhaney is my guest today is known for roles in NBC's New Amsterdam CBS FTI Netflix TV series inventing Anna and many other Film Production he said to transition from a law enforcement career and has her acting skills<br> I said you fell in love with acting at a early age under the instruction of her mother and the Philadelphia Art League human mcelhinney is coming up<br> hotter than a fantasy<br>look like a girl with singing<br> Do dried chicken burn your eyes<br> Jesus<br>beautiful girl and she's on fire<br> interview with TV and film actress Jenna mcelhenney is coming up after the break about her reoccurring role in the NBC TV series New Amsterdam<br> will be back after the break<br> high on Carson kressley of all the most valuable resources in the world kindness is the most precious<br> for more than 140 years American Humane has been working to make the world a kind of place for animals<br> rescuing those cotton disasters protecting animals on our Farms<br> on the Silver Screen<br> and the world's remarkable and endangered species who need our care to help them survive<br> all of us can make a difference by making Humane choices at the supermarket in our choice of entertainment and by supporting conservation and rescue efforts<br> it's not hard at all make being kind of Lifestyle choice and visit for simple ways you can help build a more caring compassionate and Humane world for animals and for all of us<br> I would like to welcome Gemma mcelhinney Gemma is a filly born singer and actress<br> welcome to the chat Gemma<br> thank you it's so great to be here with you you are a fine art major and high school would you say Your mother inspires you the most absolutely my mother was a school teacher and she also taught<br> theater drama dance and movement and she really pressed upon us the and I shouldn't say pressed upon but she really gave us a platform to focus on our creative side and not just our you know regular school academics so she was definitely my main inspiration for all the creative things that I do<br> I read that and I'll just phone it was just amazing and I know she's passed now and I'm sure you dedicate your career to her absolutely I do it's it's funny I've always dedicated my career to her because she was such a big inspiration for all the things I do and not just not just the Arts she was just an amazing mom to have and you know recently we had a loss in our family so there's a second person that I know now dedicate my journey to as well but we can talk about that when we move forward<br> during your teenage years you volunteered in various community service based Artistic Endeavors<br> the primary focus was to allow inner-city youth a safe environment is Express themselves through the Arts<br> are you still involved and did that help boost your acting career<br> do currently I'm not actively doing it only because the time frame is a little difficult and it's it's interesting because I I ran into a retired school counselor today and she actually discussed with me perhaps doing a program in a local school which so that may happen but just because of the the time now I'm not able to do it but I did work with children even when I would still consider myself a child through my high school years and into adulthood all the way into my career and having my own children I did work with after school programs for children really just giving them an opportunity to express themselves in a different way a lot of schools lost funding for art classes at<br> cooking classes in all those things they used to have drama choir a lot of schools no longer have those programs in place so it really gave me an opportunity to work with children specifically or should I say more so inner-city youth who really didn't have those opportunities and to just give them away to do you know talk about their lives and you know we would we would really work on a full production so it would start with just you know having a conversation with the children and allowing them to know me and kind of trust me and feel free to Talk Amongst the group you know learning who their other classmates were and feeling comfortable and then really taking some of their stories and more<br> abstract way of allowing these stories the kind of move into preparing scripts writing scripts and putting putting on really good performances with music with dance with acting even the stage stage setup and the you know the designing the set like they were a part of every component which was really exciting for them<br> you look fabulous like a humanitarian Focus but you had it again your age<br> play so and you know again having a mother who was a teacher but was a you know gave so much of her time even be on school hours that was something that was really is spelled m e m a n a young age just to give back and 2D Community community-oriented you know the women in my family all of them were in some form of Social Work my grandmother being a social worker my my mother's older sister being a daycare know she was a daycare provider and my one of my other aunts you know working with people with mental health issues and addiction so I really just thought all that type of giving in my family so it was very kind of a easy way for me to navigate into doing something myself that I felt would be helpful for the community<br> yeah and you also I mean are you still active with dance and drama with the Mount Airy Learning Tree<br> I'm not because I no longer live in that area and that was a philadelphia-based program but it was very much a similar program to the programs that I did earlier and that was just a little bit different because there was kind of a central program that people could sign up for who has a specific skill and make it kind of just develop a course and it could be for children it could be for adults but it was very similar to what I did previously and I did that<br> maybe<br> maybe 10 years ago and then my career shifted and you know I am in time frames get it got very difficult to do so I'm saddened by that but I'm also very happy that it's my career has taken off and it doesn't allow for the time it's kind of a you know Bittersweet kind of situation right so when did your acting career take off because you know I saw it when I read everything you can be seen on network television shows such as you have a recurring role on New Amsterdam<br> MVD as well as FBI CBS<br> East New York CBS power boots to and then ghost stars and venting inventing Anna on next Netflix<br> that's just name a few I mean<br> when did all of this take off I mean was this about the same time or may tell me about these roles and how are you<br> so it's interesting I had a career in law enforcement so that was another Dynamic that I went into early on in my life it's it's another thing that I always wanted to do there were some officers in my community that did some programs with youth and you know I was in what's called<br> Police Explorers which was essentially like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of law enforcement so we would go on trips field trip agents for the treasury Department and he was also someone who I looked up to and had you know of a good impact on or my or my growing up so I went into law enforcement and at that time I really didn't have time to do any of the creative stuff that I that I did because Fine Arts was something I went to high school I did some Fine Arts and college and then I did all the other artistic stuff I do it well you know I have a family of fingers you know we had a gospel choir I mean like a professional choir recording artist<br> yard and I don't have able to do some of those things but the acting component really takes time especially stage acting because you know there can be no rehearsal dress rehearsals all of those things so I really just with a law enforcement schedule didn't have time at that point I had my own family I had children so any free time that I really had went to of course supporting their extracurricular activities their Sports there there art classes there you know dance classes and all of the things that they did so it really kind of went on the back burner as something I knew that I wanted to get back into and then I actually got injured on the police department and I ended up retiring a little sooner than I would have and I was home for a month and that's that first month was great I was like why I don't have all these crazy schedules<br> I get a break yay I get a break after a month I would like to do my body wasn't used to being you know home all that time and just kind of be stationary and so what I did was I kind of decided that I would start doing all of the artistic stuff that I love and acting the one of those things so early on you know I kind of just wanted to navigate back into acting I you know I knew all of the things I needed to do to kind of get where I wanted to go but I really didn't have the experience or the networking so I really just started off kind of you know finding out who was doing local casting and that would be for you know college students who were maybe still major<br> doing their thesis film do you know Productions that may have been local and you know extra work for Productions that were local and really just kind of feel you no kind of working my way back into it so I would say 20 2015 is kind of really when I started getting really serious about okay I'm loving this I would have worked several films as a as an extra I knew that I wanted to do more than being extra I knew I had the skill to be an extra so that's when I said okay I need to take some classes I need to you know really Explore More of the student films so that I can get some set experience have several stones with lines and not just you know be in the background and so I started working in the in the student film portion first<br> awesome so you really took the right path<br> I did and you know at along the way I messed I met some you know some people who really could guide me along the way which was which was great sand season actors that I met on set who were you know doing more than I was doing and kind of giving me some guidance as to what steps I should take<br> yeah that cuz I really meant it helps you become seasoned because of everything that you the steps that you made all the way from the beginning ya ain't you<br> which role that you have played do you like the most<br> that's a good question so it's funny I'm Typecast just a little bit with the law enforcement. So I decided to get a lot of course. Yeah you know but it's funny because I'm always like scrutinize and those kind of films because like we would never do this we wouldn't hold a weapon that way I don't know the proper way<br> I wouldn't say those are my favorite roles but I'm very comfortable auditioning for those rooms are very comfortable being and delivery but it's not that I think I've really loved New Amsterdam which is the one you mentioned that I had a recurring role on that actually they just had their season finale last night on NBC and they're the show finale because they're ending after the current season but that show in particular one you know being brought in for multiple episodes and also just the dynamic of kind of being a blue collar worker as a maintenance worker named Janice on that show that's one of my favorites and I think the other roll is a film that's actually I have a premier in a couple of weeks is so this film is not out yet<br> but there's a film called Fenster where I play Alcoholics Anonymous team member and that was just a very different role for me and I really enjoyed that cast and working with them and it's an independent production I think independent films the the folks that are involved are just more passionate because they're really taking their savings you know and and fundraising and there's just there's do you just see if I don't get me wrong I see they're working on any production that I'm I'm on but you just see the passion and the The Sweat and Tears independent Productions Moorestown<br> shuttle van you know they're putting you up in hotels there's money there so when someone is taking everything they saved up to make that film it's just a different kind of feeling so I think that's one of the reasons that I love that particular film so much pain in my face in my darling I know one thing for sure is strawman signature<br> is it that everything movie<br> bother you say everything is going to be alright to say I wont. Do it tonight I need you to hold me now need you to call me through I need the miracle of breaker do I need you<br> everything will be alright<br> stop it stop.<br> penis head<br> everything<br> He's Got The Whole World in His Hands got the whole world<br> my interview with Jimmy mcelhaney continues after the break<br> we come back she talks about how it's starting it was to be a stand-in for Phylicia Rashad known as America's mom on The Cosby Show<br> I also shares what it was like to be a part of production featuring other A-list actors like Eddie Murphy<br> we will do that after the break and come to me making tough choices choosing between paying for food or medication or place to live is a reality for many people do you know someone who could use some extra help find out about the supplemental security income program SSI administered by Social Security you could receive monthly SSI payments if your income and financial resources are low and you are 65 or older or an adult or child with a disability or who is blind SSI is money you can use to help pay for basic needs like putting food on the table keeping the lights on paying the rent it can mean new shoes for growing feet or help with medical needs call one 800-772-1213 or visit SSI to schedule an appointment for start to apply today that's SSI<br> Social Security Fence what would you say is your acting Style<br> I'm a method actor I really do my best to study the role and really embody the character so it's<br> it's something that I really you know Yahoo's myself in my rolls like I really am you know in my head I am really that person while I'm performing while I'm auditioning and so it's it's definitely you know some some rules aren't happy rolls you know you know so you really have to pull on you know your own personal experience and pain to kind of bring up those emotions so yeah yeah definitely makes you a good actor<br> if you ain't even if that particular character is is you know that character obviously is not you but if you can pull down on something from your own past your own experience your own emotions makes it more authentic right right<br> what do you like the most about acting<br> what do I love the most<br> you know there's if there's if you love something there's just a feeling like I love being on set like I love filming even auditions although live auditions are a little more stressful say that self tapes but I love the whole process of developing a character and of course I love to see myself on the screen I know a lot of some actors who never even watch the shows that I don't want to see it<br> but I enjoy it you know sitting with my family is being or my friends you no worries either my acting peers and just you know seeing what their responses to what I did see myself and seeing if when I'm looking at my cell phone that's green and I do I see myself or do I really see that roll that I'm playing because if I feel like I see myself even though I obviously physicality it's it's me but if I feel like if I see Gemma or and I don't see Janice or I don't see the storage facility manager or I don't see you don't Hannah or whatever my particular character is that I don't feel like I did my job so I always want to look and then I always want to get the feedback of my loved ones the people that I trust my friends to just get them if they feel like you know<br> I did I took it the wrong Justice constructive criticism you know that you know it makes us better<br> absolutely if you if you don't like that this is a very difficult industry to be in 13 where there's way more noise than yeses you know for every success that you see I have there's so many knows that came before that booking but it really you have to be open to change you have to be open to someone else's interpretation like you may read a script and say oh you know I totally get this this is how she feels this is what she's going through and then the director or the person the casting director if your audition them if they listen I like what you did there kind of<br> but you know this is really what their thought processes and it makes me completely different than what you rather thought because again you're putting your own personal thing on on a roll so I'll be able to change and make adjustments and be criticized like listen I thank you yeah you know you could you can do this give this this this this way or do this better and you have to be open and willing to make those changes so if your family and the people that you love can tell you honestly you know why you need that you need that boost you need that. I know you and you need to you know get some get some thick skin and you know they can only happen with some scarring<br> sometimes but but it makes you a stronger actor at you know I had to wait there's a film called bolkow origin origin I have a role as a reporter and so that was interesting just you know learning how they you know there's a different Annunciation when you hear someone report the news story or you know that there's there's a specific way they say things and then you'll see if you meet a news reporter and there you know in their own personal space and place they found nothing like they found on the word I kept saying<br>I think it was yesterday but I kept saying and my husband was I know as I don't know. You have to put the addresses on this part. That part he said because you don't sound like a news report<br> he watches the news<br> it helped me and no he ha ha he's not an actor but he was taking real-world experience and and you know witnessing and telling me like you know this is an adjustment that you need to make and as soon as I made that adjustment I could hear it and you know and when I looked at the scene after the screener that we had down in Virginia it was<br> I believe that I believed I could be a reporter you know I believe that that that you spoke totally different to how you normally do and I said well I had to go put on my route I call it had so I was calling everything I do has my my acting had my drawing had you know so I had to put on my roof because I have this you know directly behind me is Horton house Penitentiary we're just yesterday you know so it sounds completely different than how I would normally talk but it's all the people that you know and trust to really help help you bring a character to life and not not being sensitive about it<br> and that kind of comes to my next question is what are some of the difficulties of the acting business and that pretty much answers<br> that question it's it's it's definitely yes that's part of it you know absolutely one hundred percent it's a marathon it's not a Sprint again I will reiterate that there are way more nose than yeses so you have to kind of audition and leave it there and even when you feel like it's funny I feel like I mailed certain rules I thought it was great to hear nothing back and then the ones I feel like I didn't do good or they call me back where they so you never really know what they're looking for oftentimes sometimes they're still figuring out what they want themselves and so what you have to do is know that you gave your best work in the audition room and you kind of have to just leave it there because if you sit around like I didn't hear anything back I thought I did so well maybe they didn't like this maybe they didn't like that then you will it will be a very difficult<br> call Journey for you you have to just realize that was meant for you is for you and if you don't book it and you know you gave your best work that's really kind of all you can do but there's certain things that you can't change you may have performed the role perfectly and they may feel the same but you might not be the height that they decide they want someone thicker than you thinner than you have no control over cuz the guy do you know if you go to an audition and you didn't know you're lying or you aren't prepared that is all or you but if you go you do your best and you don't book the work then you know that is something that's totally out of your control and it made it may be because of something totally different than what<br> you might think like you might start thinking I should have said the line that's the way I should have said it that we're nuts none of that<br> and in the end it's factual you know it could be it could be that you didn't say this way or that way or like I said it could be you know what we kind of want someone with longer hair we don't want to put a wig on that person so we went this for his ride or hair is longer like it could literally be anything so you really have to understand just doing your best and letting it go and then moving on to the next thing and then kind of enjoying that part of the process as well like even if you get a call back meaning you auditions and they saw something they liked and they want to see you do it again then they want to see you do it again exactly as you did it or they may want to see you do it again with some notes you know hey can you instead of being<br> you know hesitancy hesitant lady be more frustrated you know and then you have to you know process okay what would I how would I deliver these lines if I was frustrated you know and then you kind of do the same for them again you don't book the car back you know that they saw something in you that they like and you have to look at that as a victory like you have to appreciate all the search for all the little good moments in this career and celebrate them because everything everything yes it's all class all class work and service in this audition and you were your last audition woohoo that's the way they do like every little thing you have to celebrate all those small victories because they all matter<br> I need a battery that leads to my next question what do you think is most important in your field<br> most important is<br> doing Without You Know doing the work in a manner that the audience you know the entertainment industry so you know the most important thing is your audience being happy with your work and being happy not with just your scene but you know the whole the whole of the project and and knowing that everybody did their part of courses when always be people who I didn't like that movie at all I thought it dragged I thought it was boring I thought it was going to be funny and it wasn't like there can be all of those things but if you know the majority emotional scene and someone could relate to that feeling can relate to that pain if you made someone's eyes water or you if you just made them feel for you then you've done your job if you if you<br> Express something and it's funny and you hear laughter you like okay I did my job so I really think that that's one of the most important things was just again did you want me to draw how to draw emotion whatever it might be, roll your kind of just moving the story forward so if you know the lead in the film is checking into a hotel if not the person who's checking him in that or her and that matters is that they're just moving the storyline forward so that they can get to the hotel room and then the big scene happen but you have to let you know still work to perform that role in the best manner does you know so if you're just moving a story forward you know just being natural in that role not feeling like all I got to do this big thing in this moment like just do what you would do naturally check the person then it's really<br> what about you in this scene but you're making the same complete so it's also knowing your place and space and whatever senior in you know are you a pivotal pivotal pivotal moments are you giving a masterful performance the hopes of a masterful performance if you are great but if you're just moving the story alone along then you have to be okay with Jeff doing that just delivering the line because sometimes the power is simply in the line you know if it is the leaders checking into the hotel and they say hello you know what they're available and your line is just let me check yes we do have one available then you know about auditioning for one liners is that you don't really have anything to build on because it's just one line and sometimes they can be some of the hardest auditions because you think to<br> turn on it it's like no just disabled I was having a bad day so maybe they're saying it like you know let me check that could be a different way you may deliver it for an audition just to give them something different but you just really have to understand your place in that scene is just to move the story forward and you have to be okay with it it's not a big glamorous team for you but if you are completing that fill more that TV series and Marshall and you are still a part of the process and you're making it you know making it real making it believable and doing your job so I need and sometimes you're not sometimes you're not I know and you have to accept it<br> sometimes they're like why we can't wait to get to where you are but extras are some of the most under-appreciated or under acknowledged mokes because can you imagine someone doing a restaurant scene and there's no one in the background eating or no one walking by or most over at a table or did you make out with you make a movie how you going to make a movie if you don't have extra exactly the everybody is important. It's just that's common sense I mean we have to have them and we need to treat everyone with respect absolutely absolutely we do celebrities they forgot<br> an extra doesn't know set protocol and they're just excited and they say hi it doesn't kill you to say Hi how are you going to be here but you really shouldn't talk to me right now cuz I kind of got to focus on this team but hello you know like even if you do that you bet least acknowledge them them exactly and they're so important again like I said you know that they are someone told me one time that you're not that important you are moving furniture like what you're moving furniture what does that mean but never make someone who can walk out your set undervalue do you know what I mean<br> that when you look at it it looks real it looks like you should and and they are so important just like stand-ins for four actors are so important photo devils are so important double stamp people like everyone has their place and it takes every single person to get the job done<br> on looking back are you happy with the way things have shaped up overall in your industry<br> my industry as far as me personally my journey or the industry and are you happy with the way everything is shaped up thrilled I am thrilled if you had told me in 2015 that I would be even as a standing standing in for Phylicia Rashad America's mom she's one of America's mom's as Claire Huxtable if you told me that I would be able to work so many days on the Creed set and just watch her work watch her take a script and bring it to life like those lessons are invaluable if you would told me that I would be auditioning for roles that could potentially be opposite Eddie Murphy or Brad Pitt or you know those folks I've had those kind of auditions I've literally had auditions that if I booked that audition I will be working with those people you<br> if you had told me that I would the last year work on 5 network shows and movies in the end and some independent Productions I probably wouldn't have believed you I'm so thrilled with where things have gone I'm so thrilled that the type of auditions on getting our larger role than when I started and that I've really just progressed I might it's funny the New Amsterdam in particular the scene I hadn't season 3 when I tell you it was such a quick scene and I had auditioned for the show I think five times before I book this role and when I booked the role<br> you know based on the nature of the scene I said I bet you they're going to have a mask and goggles on us and sure enough they had a mask and goggles on us because the lead in the series was breaking open the wall with the sledgehammer out great this matter right right exactly again and being a part of that team was amazing but who wouldn't think that The Following season they would bring me back and that I would have multiple themes in an episode and then one scene one on one with the series lead like I couldn't have imagined one that they would remember me you know to trust and give me that responsibility to deliver that thing but that it would be such a special thing just me and the series lead sitting in the locker room having a conversation<br> that's amazing it's an amazing feat and I have actors who are season to her has way more experience and way larger roles that they that said hey seeing with the seriously just you and him that is pretty incredible so that mean there's no better feeling then you know just getting to that next level and I've definitely climb some stairs I'm certainly not where I'm started and I'm not at the top of the stairs yet I don't think any actor or anyone ever feels like there are you know at the top of the mountain you know but I'm definitely higher up than I was and I see momentum that it will go further and all I can do is be grateful for the journey and if you know if my career stayed at this place I'd still be in love<br> stop. I'm watching people.<br>everybody get down hit the bottom hit the ground<br> do you want<br>this is the Bev Moore Show live streaming on the iHeart Network and / 185 broadcast stations and 37 countries around the world and Bev Moore<br> we come back easy and Sue mattress Jimmy mcelhinney just powerful words of wisdom for up-and-coming actors she comes the sound of a baby babbling doesn't mean much but that's not true<br> they're testing out vowels and consonants and trying different sounds and buy 12 months there battling is beginning to take on meaning<br> especially if there's no babbling at all little to no babbling by 12 months or later is just one of the possible signs of autism in children learn more at Autism Speaks. Org<br> what advice do you have<br> for young people<br> we were just starting their careers<br> okay that's a good one the advice that I would give one is study your craft<br> study the work you know take classes and if it doesn't have to be something expensive but if you know if you can find<br> a community program you know an art center you know somewhere where they're doing that type of work definitely study the art of acting you know kind of know what you're doing don't expect things to just you know there's no at I call it is the same like a lot of people went into the same so you'd be surprised how many people reach out to me on social media like hey I want to be an actor like you and MB on TV shows and what do I have to do by okay<br> let's start with the basics like have you ever taken take an acting class and don't get me wrong some people are a natural and they perform well but you have to understand the business of this industry in the business of acting as well so it's not just taking acting classes as learning what the different roles are what they mean and and really getting that knowledge and getting that experience and if you can do those things if you're off to a great start you know follow instructions you know learning how to listen you know those things are so important like you can't have a authentic conversation with someone if you're not listening to what they're saying you really have to be able to respond to me to let the other person who you're seeing Partners you have to be able to respond to them so you have to remember to listen to them and if you don't have the money for an art class<br> internet just amazing resource and the same that everybody wants it's it's really not about that you have to love doing what you're doing because it's definitely something that has levels to it and some people you know may never be what's considered an A-list actor and you have to be okay with that so you have to study you have to be involved with the work of it and all the all the benefits come down the line but you have to be willing to do the work and you have to be willing to do it consistently<br> bad dad right by<br> that is yes rated life you are you oh my gosh you have been incredible thank you thank you so much I do want to say one quick thing we recently lost a family member over the holiday weekend in an accident and he was saying thank you he was embarking on his acting journey and when I tell you what his hands down the back to you and being my cousin passed away so that is one of the TV second person that I would will be you know honoring in my journey and dedicating my journey to because you know he was one of my biggest cheerleaders and everything I did not just acting but he loved movies and loved watching movies with family that literally was one of his favorite thing to do<br> I will definitely be you know<br> sending some sending some shout-outs to a when I'm when when I'm on set just to to to say his name to remember him at the honor in him and just keep keep making him as proud as I can so I just wanted to mention that absolutely no prayers go out to you and your family thank you so much I truly appreciate that and we accept all the prayers<br> that's okay for this week I hope you enjoyed my interview with TV and film actress Jenna mcelheny NBC's New Amsterdam CBS FBI the Netflix series inventing Anna and many other film Productions<br> thank you for listening to the Bev Moore Show live streaming on BTS Radio on the iHeart Network worldwide until next time bye bye<br>

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