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History and You, March 4, 2014

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Betrayal or Patriotism?
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Guest, David Weischadle

Vietnam was a trauma for the United States, because it could never come to understand how Americans would win the major battles in the field but gradually be losing the war.  How could such a thing happen?  And how did it happen?  Americans have fought difficult enemies in jungles before; the Japanese in particular, in places like Burma (now Myanmar), the Philippines, and also among a collection of Pacific Islands as well.  Ah, but Ho Chi Minh didn’t underestimate the significance of public opinion, that national force which gives a moral force to the purpose of the fight; that part of it Ho understood very well, as did Wilson for WW1, FDR for WW11, and Bush for the Gulf War.  War has a purpose to it, and to misunderstand that rationale, to wrought it, or to convolute it in some way is to risk a national trauma that remains embedded in the memory of a nation, always there to remind us that war matters just as much as public opinion does.  War clarifies the landscape and identifies a new order in things; make sure there is affirmation in the consensus you build for achieving new heights.

The proverb I wish to leave you with for this evening’s show is a Spanish proverb for further consideration and personal reflection: “If love be timid it is not true.”

Guest, David Weischadle

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David Weischadle
David Weischadle
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Author, United States Army Vietnam Veteran, Professor Emeritus, President of his own Educational and Management Consutting Firm
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Dr. David E. Weischadle is professor emeritus at Montclair State University in New Jersey. A former army officer in Vietnam, he draws as much on his experience as on his imagination. He lives with his wife in New Jersey and Massachusetts. They have two sons who are attorneys and are principals in Granary Way Media LLC, a television and radio production company in Princeton, New Jersey. David Weischadle is also President of DW Global Strategies, Inc., an educational and management consulting firm dedicated to serving its clients by providing personal and sensitive programs and services.

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY - DW GLOBAL STRATEGIES, INC., is pleased to announce the release of the action-adventure novel "228" by author and United States Army Vietnam Veteran David E. Weischadle.

In "228", Lieutenant David Whitehead arrives in Nha Trang assigned to the 228 Signal Company, expecting the usual tour fraught with complaints, combat and uncomfortable conditions. Instead, Lt. David Whitehead encounters a nightmare of murder, greed, deceit and mortal danger. His comrades murdered, a renegade CIA agent using him to move contraband throughout the country and a host of unseen and unknown enemies all create a whirlwind journey as Lt. Whitehead struggles to find the truth in a land shrouded in mystery and intrigue. The author uses actual locations visited during his tour of duty as the backdrop to the story’s action.

228 (6 x 9, 268pp.) is available from the publisher, DW Global Strategies, Inc., through special order from Barnes & Noble bookstores, and from Amazon. 228 is also available in Amazon Kindle format.

History and You

History and You with Jorge Rodriguez-Walling, banner
History and You with Jorge Rodriguez-Walling Picture

Capturing the importance of the individual and how the past can put you in a position to make a difference in the present. History, as we have come to know it, is a collage of choices made, created, and driven by all of us. Our understanding of it only helps to measure how far and with what level of sophistication we can see the world and our individual place in it.

The individual, the everyday hero, who wakes up to work his day and returns home at the end of that work, is the focus of this show. People today live in an environment they seldom know because so little is known about history. Therefore, the variety of topics and history surrounding everyday people will be made current and relevant through insightful discussions. Topics for the show will include, but are not limited to, an informed and considered view of:

• Politics
• Sports
• Art and Culture
• Philosophy and Religion
• Ethnicity and National Identity
• Science and Technology
• Psychology
• Education
• Social and Cultural Issues

In short, the show will delve into the issues of human nature and how history can assist us to better understand and cope with these issues in our modern day world. With visits from professional guest speakers, as well as "call-ins" and emails from folks contributing their insights to the discussion, the show aims to provide the public with thought-provoking moments about the quality of life we are currently living and how to contend with it. The supporters of "History and You" feel that the volume of listeners will steadily grow given the variety and interconnectedness of topics presented in a way that appeal to a wide range of age groups, income levels, and demographics.

"History and You" will provide audiences with a reason and a forum from which to reflect, revisit, and renew thoughtfulness about their lives. This informed and discussion-oriented format tends to build loyal and passionate listeners. This is a show that creates a positive difference for every individual through its passionate and introspective look at people and their lives.

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