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A Walk To Otherside, June 1, 2006

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Several years ago I received an email from a friend.  This friend told me medium Suzy Smith, author of “The Afterlife Codes” had crossed over.  She was in her later years in life, had been having physical difficulties, so her passing wasn’t a shock, but I was saddened.   Suzy and I had corresponded for a number of years and I had grown to look forward to hearing from her.  As I sat in front of my computer, thinking about my friend, realizing that this was why she hadn’t been returning email, I had a sudden, strong vision of her flying through a star lit, dark blue midnight sky, like some exotic bird in flight, shouting, “I am FREE!”  For as long as I had known her, I’d never known her to shout!  The vision took me totally by surprise, but I knew, intuitively, that this was my friend’s way of letting me know she was happy.  As I write this, I can still to this day, see this vision clearly in my mind.
Suzy Smith not only wrote 13 books about the afterlife and paranormal, but this one time professional newspaper woman communicated with the otherside through Automatic Writing.  Suzy was scientifically tested by Dr. Gary Schwartz and he found that her readings, with individuals she did not know or could not see, had more “hits” than “misses.”
 Individuals who regularly use Automatic Writing as a method of afterlife contact do not believe their writing is under their control.  With true Automatic Writing the medium or Reciever is typically, totally unaware of what it is they are writing.  After a reading, the messages received with Automatic Writing often prove to be very “ENLIGHTENING!”
Like Suzy, you too can use Automatic Writing to make contact with not only loved ones who have moved on to an afterlife existence, but your higher self.

A Walk To Otherside

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As Dr. Wills-Brandon has said time and time again, "Physical death is defiantly not the end." This up beat program takes the fear out of death by focusing in on research and investigation into the incredible, mystical experiences that often occur around the time of physical death, such as after death communications, the paranormal departing visions of the dying and those who love them, near death experiences and premonitions. This investigator has collected over two thousand first hand accounts rotating around life after death contact and she herself has experienced communications with loved ones on the otherside on numerous occasions. "Everyday people from all walks of life are having these encounters, but they are fearful of sharing them openly. They fear ridicule from friends, family and societal institutions. Most of these individuals have never picked up a New Age book, seen a medium or psychic or sought out these experiences. Contact was spontaneous, regardless of religion, race, sex or age."

Dr. Wills-Brandon will also share with her listeners how they can come to terms with the loss of a loved one. An expert in grief resolution, death, dying and trauma resolution, she knows her topic inside and out. In our culture, the thought of death is often depressing, and death phobia continues to run unchecked, but Dr. Wills-Brandon shows us physical death is nothing to fear.

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