A_Walk_To_Otherside, July 27, 2006

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Enlightening conversation with the Research & Development Manager for TAPS, the paranormal organization behind the popular television show, GHOST HUNTERS which airs on Wednesdays at 8 & 9pm EST on the SciFi channel.  Dr. Ron Milione will be our guest and he has been proving Edison right for close to two decades.  He designs, tests and researches new technologies for tools which assist paranormal researchers in collecting, inspecting, investigating, observing and then save paranormal evidence.

A Walk To Otherside

A Walk to Otherside with Dr. Carla Brandon
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Dr. Carla Brandon

As Dr. Wills-Brandon has said time and time again, "Physical death is defiantly not the end." This up beat program takes the fear out of death by focusing in on research and investigation into the incredible, mystical experiences that often occur around the time of physical death, such as after death communications, the paranormal departing visions of the dying and those who love them, near death experiences and premonitions. This investigator has collected over two thousand first hand accounts rotating around life after death contact and she herself has experienced communications with loved ones on the otherside on numerous occasions. "Everyday people from all walks of life are having these encounters, but they are fearful of sharing them openly. They fear ridicule from friends, family and societal institutions. Most of these individuals have never picked up a New Age book, seen a medium or psychic or sought out these experiences. Contact was spontaneous, regardless of religion, race, sex or age."

Dr. Wills-Brandon will also share with her listeners how they can come to terms with the loss of a loved one. An expert in grief resolution, death, dying and trauma resolution, she knows her topic inside and out. In our culture, the thought of death is often depressing, and death phobia continues to run unchecked, but Dr. Wills-Brandon shows us physical death is nothing to fear.