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Angel Talk, June 11, 2023

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Angel Talk
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Love and Forgiveness Transcends all Religions

Angel Talk with Jim Young and Sandy Young

Title:  Love and Forgiveness Transcends all Religions

Description:  As you gain faith, and you realize the demands you have placed on others; the Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit will forgive you.  If you can forgive yourself, you are opening yourself to be blessed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Christ.  As you experience love, you discover the way of receiving and using the light.

Angel Talk

Rev. Jim and Sandy Young of the Living Light Center a Church of Faith and Healing, offer a broad area of understanding and spiritual awareness. We empower and help you to unravel the mystery of mysteries of the ancient text and its application to life. We cover topics from biblical, earth changes, energy healing, metaphysics, inspirational subjects and more. Our objective is to awaken the mind and soul to unlimited possibilities.

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