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Angel Talk with Jim Young and Sandy Young

Title:  The Power of Sacredness is Now

Angel Talk with Jim Young and Sandy Young

Title:  Love and Forgiveness Transcends all Religions

Finding Your Peace with Shelly J. Miller

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Episode 10: Holy Relationships

Deepen in the Divine with Scott Krytsa. Today's special guest is Radhaa Nilia of Goddess Code Academy.

Radhaa is an intuitive teacher, international coach, healer, forward thinking leader and speaker on feminine empowerment. Radhaa is Creatress behind the original healing modality

The Goddess Activations™. 

This healing method is used to Awaken and ActivateGoddess Codes™ which help clear beliefs, blockages and lineage wounds and awaken the feminine gifts. 

Deepen in the Divine with Scott Krytsa. In this week's episode I discuss how working with your mind and reminding yourself on a constant basis of what you really want is the spiritual work we have come here to experience. I also discuss how using everyday encounters can be "aikido'd" back toward the Divine. Like the song "All I Want is You" by U2. Whether it was written to think of God or the Divine does not matter, you can use it to remind yourself of what you truly want in the deepest reaches of your heart.

His Gospel Power with Dr Rick Hertless and Ron Stuedle

Jesus Will Be Revealed in a Blaze of Fire

Jesus is coming back soon to reward those who have followed him and punish those who have rejected him. Where do you stand? In these last days God is telling Believers to get prepared. Be prepared for whatever happens. That preparation includes both physically and spiritually. Now is not the time to take anything for granted. Be ready! Jesus is coming back soon.

This is isn't your Sunday bible school version of Atonement and Salvation. This is the perspective of healing your mind and returning fully back to love. Please join Sheldon Jo and Scott Krajca as they walk you through a very peaceful guided meditation and then delve into the depths of A Course in Miracles and discuss what true atonement and salvation means as you practice the love and true forgiveness laid out by the Holy Spirit.

Please join Sheldon Jo and Scott Krajca as they discuss what Special Relationships are from the perspective of A Course in Miracles. The show starts with a guided meditation connecting you to Spirit and allowing you to transform all of the special relationships in your life.