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Angel Answers, February 19, 2018

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Angel Answers
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Guest, Cheril Goodrich

Angel Answers with Amy Toy

Guest, Cheril Goodrich

Guest, Cheril Goodrich

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Cheril Goodrich
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Miracle Alchemist Wholistic Practitioner
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My identity embraces Miracle Alchemy, which is a result of learning to understand what miracles are for by activating them in my own life with whole understanding Alchemy is a term that is applied to Higher Understanding that comes about due to miracles, hence I call what I do Miracle Alchemy, so refer to myself as being a Miracle Alchemist. My background includes Massage Therapy, Hypno therapy, NLP psychology, being and Ordained Minister, and I am also Certified in Wholistic Frequency Medicine. I was given the ability to understand the symbolic language in dreams, and I am an amateur in astrology and numerology. Although everything I have studied has been helpful on my journey, understanding that all emotional intelligence begins at the sensory level has been the greatest determiner of understanding the purpose of my own journey. Most, if not all, psychology in the material world is based on behavioral science, but behavioral science only tells the story after the fact. All behavior begins with a thought. The question is, why would thought cause such us to act out behaviorally in such a way that it would cause inappropriate behavior, not only on someone else, but to ourselves as well? Exploration into this question has become the purpose of my life for over 25 years. Because the answer to my question occurred in layers, which was also determined in physical years of fearful programming, I am just now beginning to wholly understand why our ability to sense our 3D reality with the body senses is not only in error, but is also responsible for death, disease, war, terror, and basically everything else we preceive in the material world as needing to be “fixed.”  

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Join us for an inspirational hour with the angels, those higher luminous beings who serve as divine messengers for the universe.

Angels help us in various ways, but it’s up to us to figure out those ways, and sometimes we need a little help. When we do, the denizens of the angelic realm are there for us to call upon, and all we need to reach them is the assistance of the people who have a natural spiritual rapport with them.

Amy is among those people here to use her gifts to help you gain the assistance from the angelic realm - any assistance you may need.

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