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American Freedom Watch Radio, 07/10/2015

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American Freedom Watch Radio
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Tom DeWeese - Agenda 2030 & Property Rights

Guest:  Tom DeWeese

Topic - Property Rights Agenda 21/2030 Transforming our World.
Listen to Tom as we discuss and answer these and other questions: history; background; related treaties; and names the major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) behind its enforcement. Do you know about “Benefit Corporations?” Do you know how Obamacare is related to Agenda 21? Do you know how Common Core is used to make your children the perfect global village idiots to accept Agenda 21 transformation of our nation? Do you know how the Supreme Court has helped enforce Agenda 21?

American Freedom Watch Radio

American Freedom Watch Radio was established to share truth, education, conversation and action. Each week we will be joined by an expert guest to discuss an issue and solutions. American Freedom Watch alerts American Citizens to all attacks on their Freedom.

Each show will contain an in depth analysis of an issue facing America with an expert in their field.  We will connect the dots, discuss the plan, implementation of the plan and solution to protect yourself, family, community and country.

I am a teacher. It is my expert opinion you can not solve a problem unless you know its history and its implementation plan. Then and only then can you plan for yourself to find a workable solution. 

I believe that one of America's biggest problems is the anti-constitution, anti-individual rights and freedoms, anti-family , anti-God aka morality, and basic anti-American curricula currently in our schools. This curricula starts in pre-k.  We can fix every issue but if we do not address the basic anti-American indoctrination currently in our schools we will NEVER change anything.  Once indoctrinated, in 8 years the new graduates getting jobs in government, will put us back where we started as they shout out of ignorance, yeah communism. 

I believe that The American people have been kept ignorant for a reason.  Ignorant people are easier to manipulate and control. Students are taught to accept crumbs not achieve success.

The mission of this show is to tell you the truth, educate you, teach you how to communicate the truth and chart a course of action leading to solutions not crumbs. John, my co-host, with his valuable input will join us whenever he is off the rig. John and I believe we are Americans, not hyphenated Americans, just Americans, the last group of free people in the world. Let no one divide us.  Let us stand together united in Freedom and Liberty.

If not you, WHO?  If not now, WHEN?

In Liberty,
Karen Schoen

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