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All Paws Pet Talk, June 9, 2016

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All Paws Pet Talk
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with Denise Fleck hosting and guests Donna Chicone, Kit DeRoche and Becky Starr

All Paws Pet Talk with Denise Fleck hosting this show

Guests today include:

Donna Chicone​
Author, Advocate, Entertainer

Kit D. Roche

Florida Yorkie Rescue

Becky Starr
Western U.S. Sales Manager
Redstone Media group

Guest, Donna Chicone

Guest Name
Donna Chicone
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
Author/TV Host/Animal Advocate
Guest Biography

Donna is an author and proud pet parent of two Portuguese Water Dogs, Jazz and Jive. These are her current and most passionate roles in life. Dogs have always been a significant influence and source of inspiration for Donna. As many people who have loved a dog will tell you, dogs teach us so much about life. They gift us with their constant, unconditional love and desire to be with us at all times. They give so much and ask for so little in return.

Across many years of the ups and downs of loving and being loved by her dogs, Donna became aware of her knowledge quotient about dog parenting growing from zero to being much more informed. Through personal reflection, she realized that being educated about her dogs' needs caused her to make different (and more informed) decisions about what was best for her dogs. The struggle with her first Portuguese Water Dog, Breezer, and the fulfilling journey to becoming the 'Super Pet Parent' she is today - these are the inspiration and foundation for all of Donna's endeavors, including Heartfelt Communications, The Jazz & Jive Show and now her book, "Being a Super Pet Parent: Everything You Need to Know to Foster a Long, Loving Relationship with Your Dog," a fun-filled, engaging & comprehensive resource for pet parenting.

Donna spent the first half of her professional career in the non-profit sector as an addiction counselor & the second half in the corporate business world where she developed her speaking and training skills. She also spent time as a nurse and flew with a national airline as a flight attendant. Since leaving the business world Donna created, wrote, produced and hosted her own TV show for four years. She is currently redesigning the former TV show in preparation for taking it to the internet as 'The Jazz & Jive Show.'

Guest, Kit D Roche

Guest Name
Kit D Roche
Guest Occupation
Business Owner
Guest Biography

Kit DeRoche is the President and Founder of Florida Yorkie Rescue, Inc. as well as one of the founders and Executive Director of Yorkie House of Hearts, Inc. She has owned yorkies (she claims they have all owned her) for over 35 years. She was a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in North Carolina for ten years before moving to Florida. She created Florida Yorkie Rescue in 2007 and has been in the Yorkie Rescue business for approximately ten years. Kit lives with her husband Jerry and their yorkie family. She says, "My devotion to animals is my daily focus. Nothing else seems as important."

Guest, Becky Starr

Guest Name
Becky Starr
Guest Occupation
Western Regional Manager - Animal Wellness Magazine, IVC Journal & Canadian Dogs Annual
Guest Biography

Becky is a gifted educator and a has been a driving force at Redstone Media Group for over 12 years as the Western Regional Director of operations located in Los Angeles. Animals, natural healing, alternative health care and educating people are her passion which is why she is so successful in helping our advertising partners tell their story. Becky also has the rare gift of being able to understand the needs of her clients as well as the challenges that many of our readers experience with their animals. She is a true advocate of integrative health care for both animals and humans … “When I found Animal Wellness Magazine, it was everything I had been working toward and promoted all that I believed in”. Becky enjoys the California lifestyle living on Long Beach with her beloved dogs Timothy and Cute at her side. Oh ya...she likes monkeys too!

Denise Fleck

19 May 2016

Becky joined the Pet Safety Crusader May 19th to share ways to keep you and your pet calm during an emergency situation!

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