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A Link To Heaven, March 26, 2006

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Rev. May Leilani Schmidt:

May Leilani Schmidt is a gifted spiritual counselor and channel who will bring into your conscious awareness insightful information from spirit to promote well being and balance.

Rev. Leilani Schmidt has been a professional in the field of Holistic Health for many years. She is a Certified Hawaiian Kuhuna and the Founder/Instructor of the Multi-Dimensional Healing Center in Arizona. She is also certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher, Transpersonal Master Hypnotherapist, Iridologist and Past Life Regression Master.

Leilani studied other complementary therapies including Cranial -  Sacral Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Reconnective Healing, Crystal  Healing and a Clear Universal Mind Channel.

In addition to an active teaching schedule in Arizona, Leilani maintains a private practice in which she blends her skills into synergistic healing and  counseling sessions.

Part of her healing work includes: The Illumination Process, which is very effective for a variety of problems. It works well for overcoming addictive behaviors and behavior patterns that block our spiritual and emotional growth, and the extraction of crystallized energy.  In cases where a spirit or entity attaches to an individual's energy body, she removes and heals the affected area, allowing the body to heal.

A Link To Heaven

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Robbie Thomas, born in Sarnia, Ontario in 1966, is married to his wife Ligia and together they have three lovely daughters. Robbie is a full time helper, author, and workshop and seminar speaker where he offers teachings in the spirit of light of God and the communication of the after life.

Connecting to those our loved ones crossed over, and sharing in the love and understanding of both life here and life on the other side, is one of the things Robbie is commited to.

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