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A Link To Heaven, March 12, 2006

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Todd and Kris Bates Owners of the paranormal group Haunted Voices.

Todd bates - Soul Exchanges – One man’s quest to communicate with the dead

Chances are you’ll find him in an abandoned home, walls yellow with age and doors teetering dangerously on their hinges.  Maybe there was a murder in the home or perhaps a fire.  Whatever the case, Todd Bates is intent on one thing: hearing the voices of the dead.

Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP as it is known in the industry, is the collection of disembodied voices via digital or analog recording devices.  For Todd, it is a way of life.  After years of investigating this mysterious phenomena, he decided to create a website dedicated to EVP research and education. 
This Palestine, Illinois native is dedicated to the exploration of EVP, and with the help of audio editing software, Todd has collected some of the most impressive samples of the phenomena available today.

A Link To Heaven

A Link to Heaven with Robbie Thomas
Show Host
Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas, born in Sarnia, Ontario in 1966, is married to his wife Ligia and together they have three lovely daughters. Robbie is a full time helper, author, and workshop and seminar speaker where he offers teachings in the spirit of light of God and the communication of the after life.

Connecting to those our loved ones crossed over, and sharing in the love and understanding of both life here and life on the other side, is one of the things Robbie is commited to.

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