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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 17 March 2024

Peter Nortier Sermons

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Dr. Peter Nortier delivers 'old time preaching' that strikes a chord in all those who would listen. This is the word of Christ told with passion by a devoted disciple that spent a lifetime glorifying the 'Word of God."

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Dr. Peter Nortier
Grand Rapids
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Dr. Peter Nortier was big in stature, but nothing compared to his size of his heart. He could be a bit opinionated and almost always thought that it was his way or the highway, yet his desire to witness to others was always first and foremost in his life. Peter was overjoyed to become a grandfather, and the timeless legacy he leaves behind will be proudly carried on by those who follow him. Through the life he lived each day, Dr. Peter Nortier exemplified what it means to be the hands and feet of the Lord he loved. He was on fire to bring others to Christ and tirelessly pursued spreading the grace, love, and mercy of the Savior. Peter was passionate about serving his congregation, but he was also deeply devoted to the family he shared with the love of his life. Through his radio program that spanned more than 50 years, he touched the lives of so many others whom he never even met. A man of honor, integrity, and compassion, Peter was a genuine blessing in every way.