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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 6 May 2021

Off The Bookshelf with Deborah Herman

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Want to publish your book? Learn how; it's easier than you think! Charismatic authors and literary agents Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman have successfully sold hundreds of titles and learned "through trial and error" how to write a flawless book proposal that publishers can't resist. Now you can benefit from their hard work and publishing savvy. In this new edition, they offer guidance and advice that will inspire, educate, and, most importantly, give you the necessary edge to get your book published. is a community where independent authors and publishers can forge a more personal relationship with readers, and where technology can enhance the craft of writing.

Authors and publishers can set up their own bookstore, market themselves, sell books at the price they want, connect with like-minded readers, create their own cover art, convert their books to epub FOR FREE and get mass distribution. The site is NOT a vanity press, although authors can self publish, and we are constantly developing new tools for writers and readers in this evolving digital world.

We hope that one day the next great literary master will be discovered on

So come on in. Buy a great book. Or sell your work and get access to trusted editors and proofreaders, help with copyright filings and much more!

A list of many unique helpful services:

- PDF eBooks
- ePub eBooks
- Free ePub converter

- AudioBooks
- Professional AudioBook Creator

- B&W Printed Books
- Color books
- Free Cover Art Creator

- Proofreaders
- Editors
- Illustrators
- Cover Art Designers

- Blogs
- Forums
- Sales Tracking

- Copyrighting
- Mass Distribution on Other Sites (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) (and throughout the US, UK and Canada)

- Marketing Tools
- Marketing Packages
- And Much More!
- And, most importantly, personal service!

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Deborah Herman
Talk Show Host, Writer, Literary Agent, Editor, Author, Intuitive, Public Speaker, Book Proposal Expert, Spiritual Materials Specialist, Consultant, Mystic, Medium, Animal Communicator, New Age Pioneer, TV Host, Journalist, Entrepreneur


Editorial Director, Intuitive, Book proposal Doctor, Author and specialist in Spiritual Material

Deborah Levine Herman is a foremost expert on spiritual writing and publishing. A twenty-year veteran Literary Agent, Herman wrote the book “Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication,” in the year 2000 before the explosion in the mind/body genre. It is due to be reintroduced “with updates for the digital age,” in Autumn, 2011. Herman, a Mystic-Medium-Animal Communicator, was a pioneer of the “New Age,” phenomenon in the late 1980′s and ran her own Holistic Center in Columbus, Ohio. She was the co-host of a popular cable television show and has been conducting spiritual readings and consultations since her mid-twenties. She currently hosts a radio show on Thursday evenings at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern with live call in. While on the air she uses either her clairvoyant-mediumistic gifts to answer questions or the oracle deck she created. She also includes guests on her shows pertaining to spirituality.

Herman is a Graduate of the Ohio State University College of Law (JD) with a Dual Degree Masters of Journalism (MA). She’s the author of 10 non-fiction titles with major publishers running the gamut of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Motherhood,” and “A Simplified Guide to Writing a Personal Will,” to “Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication.” The Common thread in all of Herman’s writing is her infinitely readable way of synthesizing complicated material. Many reviewers refer to her as a self-help guru. Herman has taught classes on writing and spirituality throughout the country for the past two decades.

Deborah Levine-Herman joined the Jeff Herman literary Agency LLC, in 1990 as an agent primarily focused on project selection and development. She co-authored with Jeff Herman Write the Perfect Book Proposal: 10 Proposals that worked and Why.

Herman is an intuitive who often uses her gifts to help writer’s discover their authentic selves. Levine-Herman speaks throughout the country on such topics as book proposals, writing as a spiritual journey, how to get published in the religious or spiritual markets. Herman also lectures on more esoteric topics such as the process of Soul-Odyssey which she believes explains why we are here and what we should be doing about it.Her interests include jewelry making, horses and automatic drawing. Her artwork forms the basis of her oracle deck.

Herman resides in Stockbridge, MA with her husband, Jeff Herman.