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Guest Name
Valessa L. Taylor
Guest Occupation
Entreprenuer, Author, Core Life Coach, Podcaster, Professional Speaker, and Holistic Wellness Advocate
Guest Biography
Valessa L. Taylor is a prominent figure in the business world. She is the CEO and founder of Go Core Mind Body Soul, LLC and Corelicious LLC, both of which are minority and women-owned businesses. Valessa has made a significant and long-lasting impact on veterans, individuals, and businesses through her leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors.
With over 20 years of service as an  Air Force Veteran, Valessa's military background has shaped her into an exceptional leader. Her expertise in strategic planning and operations, honed during her time as an executive logistics professional, has been instrumental in her entrepreneurial ventures.
Valessa's dedication to holistic wellness and personal development is evident through her businesses. At Go Core Mind Body Soul LLC, she has revolutionized the approach to well-being with her groundbreaking Core C3 Method: Clarity, Confidence, and Courage. Through personalized programs, speaking, and consulting services, Valessa helps individuals and businesses achieve balance, fulfillment, and enhanced productivity.
In addition to her key role at Go Core Mind Body Soul LLC, Valessa is also the CEO and Founder of Corelicious LLC, empowering women entrepreneurs to tap into their core potential and create a life they love. Through transformative coaching and motivational speaking, Valessa inspires women to harness their inner strength and ignite their passions through the Core C3 Method: Clarity, Confidence, and Courage. With Valessa's guidance, women entreprenuers are able to unlock their true potential and achieve incredible sucess.
Valessa's impact extends beyond her businesses. As the first African American female Iraq war veteran to speak on TEDx Coatzacoalcos on Juneteenth 2021, she has broken barriers and highlighted the importance of diversity and creating opportunities for marginalized communities.
In addition to her military service and entrepreneurial ventures, Valessa holds an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy in the field of Leisure Science, reflecting her understanding of the importance of leisure and well-being in leading a fulfilling life.
Valessa L. Taylor's dedication to holistic wellness, entrepreneurship, and making a positive impact sets her apart as a visionary leader. Through her businesses and extensive military background, she empowers individuals and businesses to prioritize their well-being and achieve success. Her passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to helping others make her a force to be reckoned with in the wellness industry.
Valessa L. Taylor's influence also extends to her captivating podcast, Let's Talk Corelicious Leave Room For Dessert. Available on over 100 platforms, including  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, the podcast dives deep into well-being, personal development, and success. Valessa brings on Rockstar industry leaders and everyday individuals who have overcome obstacles and achieved remarkable transformations, providing valuable strategies and practical tips for listeners to create a life they truly love.
Tune in to Let's Talk Corelicious Leave Room For Dessert on your favorite podcast platform and embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth and empowerment. Get ready to tap into your inner strength, ignite your passions, and create a life that is truly Corelicious.
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