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Guest Name
Dr. Pamela Arnell and Nick Davis
Guest Occupation
Executive Director 22ZERO and Founder 22ZERO
Guest Biography

Dr. Arnell became involved with 22Zero in March 2021, when the Giles County Fire and Rescue Squad assistant fire chief asked if she would be willing to go through the training. In April of 2021, Dr. Arnell went through the training process and was astonished at how well the program worked. As of November 5th, 2022, Dr. Arnell became the Executive Director for 22Zero Follow Me, Inc. Dr. Arnell's husband was a veteran and served in Desert Storm.

Nick Davis is an Air Force Veteran, having served as an F-16 crew chief. His involvement with 22Zero as PRESIDENT & Co-Founder is inspired by his burning desire to serve our veteran and responder community. His organization, Anxiety Guys LLC, is a veteran owned and operated business that uses multiple processes to disconnect PTSD, Anxiety, and other negative emotions that keep individuals and organizations from reaching their full potential.