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Giana` Chilcott
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I am writing on behalf of the founder of the nonprofit mental health clinic I work for in Northern, CA called Be the Change in Mental Health.  Her name is Dr. Marisha Chilcott and she is simply an amazing MD, person and inspiration.  Dr. Chilcott founded Be the Change in Mental Health in order to bring psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and other revolutionary modalities for mental wellness to the public in a safe, medically supervised, and legal manner. Her Vision is to aid the over-traumatized and under-supported whose lives of service impact their personal wellness; as well as to leverage modern medicine and serve our local communities in order to create an affordable, accessible, and scalable model of mental health.

We are building pilot programs for group Ketamine-Assisted therapy for First Responders and Veterans, some of the first group therapy treatments of its kind for both.  We are also hosting group retreats for women who have been victims of sexual and domestic violence.
I believe Dr. Chilcott would make for an intriguing and well spoken, intelligent guest - and to be candid, it would help get the word out about the efficacy and durability of Ketamine-Assisted therapy.  
Our website is here:
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
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Marisha Chilcott is a Board Certified Family Physician who earned her MD at UC Davis School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Contra Costa Family Medicine program in Martinez, CA.  Before medical school, she worked as a consultant in the electric utility industry, focused on demand-side management program evaluations and software development.  She has a BA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley.  

Dr. Chilcott has worked as an emergency room physician, a primary care doctor, a geriatrician, and as an aesthetic medical provider.  It is with this breadth of experience that she comes to Be the Change in Mental Health (BTC) committed to creating a clinical treatment center that will improve society with the multiplicative effect of one-human-at-a time wellness that cannot help but influence families and friends.


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