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Channeled readings, mediumship, spiritual mentoring, and light language
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My guest Kelly Bowker's transformative journey blends her diverse professional background—23 years of nurturing and educating future caregivers in the CNA program—with her innate spiritual calling. In 2022, during her final year of teaching, Kelly embarked on a profound path, channeling her guides, and delving into mediumship, bridging realms to offer solace and connection. Her book "Redefining Faith" captures her evolution from wounded to awakened, a testament to her guides' unwavering support. Now, Kelly shares her insights through one-on-one sessions and group gatherings, both in person and remotely, offering channeled readings, spiritual mentoring, and light language blessings. Contact Kelly at kellybowker7@gmail.comFacebook at Kelly Nute Bowker or 207-290-7796 to connect. You can explore her books on Amazon, charting a course to self-discovery and embracing life's mysteries. To book a session: