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🌟 Joy Baker: is here to talk about Creating Money in the New Earth 🌟 She will also take live caller healings and offer a group process.
Guest Biography

My guest Joy Baker is a remarkable and compassionate soul dedicated to guiding her clients on a profound journey of emotional release and healing. With a unique expertise in untangling the threads of trapped emotions resulting from trauma, Joy's work transcends conventional healing practices. Joy's mission is rooted in the understanding that trauma can silently shape our lives, affecting our emotions, actions, experiences, and even our physical well-being. Joy knows firsthand the importance of addressing these silent echoes of pain. Joy had a childhood marked by adversity – encompassing abuse, epilepsy, speech impediments, and relentless bullying - which ignited an unquenchable fire within her to rise above and heal it all. Clients who have had the privilege of experiencing her clearings and activations shed the weight of past traumas, paving the way for authenticity, empowerment, and a rekindled zest for life. Visit: Or email Joy at