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Peter Young
Your Pitch

You never know you are in a cult, you only know you were in one. I unwittingly married into a small religous cult. Twenty years later, our cult leader, the mysterious "Uncle Robert" had brainwashed me and my entire family, engineered the destruction of my marriage, and collapse of my family. But I escaped and recovered, thanks to my friends, family, and Christian faith. I also spent years trying to rescue my children, breaking a multigenerational curse. I wrote about my bizarre experience in my Amazon best selling memoir Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger. Cults control through secrecy, paranoia, and isolation. After being silenced for so long, I am now speaking out about the dangers of small religious cults.


A story teller first and foremost, Peter is the author of the Amazon best seller Stop The Tall Man, Save The Tiger, which tells the story of his escape from a tiny religious cult. He is a regular podcast guest and public speaker, sharing his story and the dangers of small cults to audiences around the world.

Peter’s first book, The Blue Team, is a novel about faith and basketball and conquering your greatest enemy.

Prior to his writing career, Peter was a sports broadcaster for over 20 years telling the stories of great athletes all over the world, while working for CBS, ESPN, OLN, and other networks.

He now lives near Bozeman, Montana with his children and several pets and is working on the sequel to The Blue Team.

United States