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Tom Shepard
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I am reaching out to offer author & CFP, Tom Shepard, as an expert for any personal finance stories you are working on His new book, Money Isn’t Everything, Everything is Money, comes out in April. 

The book intends to lead readers through understanding currencies, multiple facets of finance, including financial natures and levels, how finances evolve, and finally how to apply these principles to both individuals and organizations. This book is different from conventional books on finance, which often take the approach that there is one way to achieve success: “Deny thyself. Be disciplined. Make sacrifices now and all will be fine in the future.” 

You will learn a different approach. A more personal approach that asks the question: Who are YOU?

Shepard organizes everything you need to know into digestible graphics and financial self-assessments with space for notes and reflection. With the goal of helping you understand money and how it works in your life, according to who you are based on the seven natures, or personality types, which include: the Spender, the Earner, the Saver, the Investor, the Lever, the Giver, and the Taker, all with the end goal of finding happiness beyond money.

Shepard’s analysis and explanation of how to navigate time, health, relationships, and stuff, all as forms of currency that play major roles in our day-to-day lives aims to establish a guide for readers to improve their situation and understand their purpose.

Specifically, Shepard shows you how to:

  • Understand Your Financial Nature. This is the hardwiring that influences how you relate to money, consciously and unconsciously over time, which can hold you back. 
  • Expand Your Awareness about other natures and how to flex into them.  This will transform your behavior and demonstrate more options.
  • Discover a Pattern of Intentional Evolution. This will encourage you to embrace continuous and incremental change over the course of your life and help you achieve your financial goals.   
  • Please let me know if we can send you a copy of the book to look at or if you are interested in booking an interview with Tom. 


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Tom Shepard has worked in finance for over 27 years. He both attended and taught at the Institute for Civic Leadership, and produced writings on the Seven Levels of Sustainable Nonprofits. Additionally, he taught personal finance and mathematics at Gould Academy, and is an avid speaker. Now, he leads Shepard FINANCIAL, a comprehensive financial planning and personalized investment management group, as well as Currency Camp, which offers financial advice to groups and individuals. 

Shepard has been a guest on Dr. Lisa Belisle’s “Dr. Lisa Radio Hour” and Debi Davis’s “Mind Your Own Business.” 

In addition to his work in the finance world, Tom is an avid lacrosse player and skier. He lives with his family in Cumberland, Maine.