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Ameerah FATTAL
Your Pitch


Trust you feel fabulous.

Am inspired to be interviewed by your platforms, also plan to start my own Radio Shows. Share solutions of the worlds to the people of this earth is a deep inspiration within.

Find here few pitches. Please choose the subject of your inspiration so we can co-create avenues together.

Pitch 1:
The return of the ancient cycle of the woman according life, every 4 years, pain free and body stays clean.

This rare cycle reality will become our norm during the new earth renaissance. Being one of the actual womans around cycled every 4 years, imbodying the change leads me to show the way to other womans as monthly cycle stands for high metabolic rate, rapid ageing, diseased body and unbalanced biology.

Acidic forming diet causes mucus to clogg the system which can be reversed. By gradually reducing mucus forming foods, cleansing the mucus through herbs protocols, adopting an ancient alkalinizing nutrition, monthly mense gets reversed and menstrual returns to a 4 years cycle, according life, pain free and longevity gets activated.

We are ment to live on earth multiple thousands of years, this reality will become the norme.

Pitch 2:
There is no such thing as Menopause according life.

Accumulation of mucus in the body and in the fallopian tubes creates variety of distortions, cloggs the reproductive system, causes the uterus to disfunction and enters in the unatural state of Menopause.

By gradually reducing mucus forming foods, cleansing the mucus through herbs protocol, adopting an ancient alkalinizing nutrition, Menopause gets reversed and menstrual returns to a 4 years cycle, according life.

Pitch 3:
The return of ancient nutrition according life:

Ancient nutrition is Creation-Made, was naturally created with the Cosmic Arrangement and was on earth milnenias ago. Is high in pH, electric, alkaline, nourishes the cells, is conductive, transfers light codes within us, sustains life and empowers us by reconnecting us to all that is.

Modern domesticated nutrition has been compromised, hybridised, crossbreeded, crosspollinated, are laboratory made, highly acidic and corrosive.

Consuming these ingredients on daily bases causes carbonic acid, uric acid, lactic acid, heavy metals, toxins which builds up mucus causing the body to clogg, degenerate and creates all disease known to man.

By gradually reducing mucus forming foods, cleansing mucus through herbs protocols, adopting ancient alkalinizing nutrition, discomforts, deasises gets reversed and the body returns to a high vibrantial state, according life.



Pitch 4:

Many are awaiting for the Tachyonic Regenerative Med-Bed Chambers to be available. More and more are gradually know that we are the walking talking Light Beings, naturally wired to Deprogramme / Reprogramme our quantum organic technology from within.

We have an inner Alexia, an inner Geny in the Bottle, our Spirit.
Our Spirit is awaiting to serve our purpose. We are progressively  re-inbodinb all of our Spirit back into fullness vs. a fractal of spirit self.

The more we imbody our Spirit, the more volume of our light-beingness which naturally expands our abilities. We are the creators incarnated of the New Earth Renaissance.

Being a Deprogrammer Reprogrammer, desinstalling distorted frequencies, dismantling recycling programmings, recurring past timelines is natural to me. The unwanted realities which people tend to recycle is reversible.

Reprogramming within to start experiencing the inspired realities
should become the norm. Transmitting to my clients, students on how to command their spirits, install new programs within empowers them and unfold fabulous realities.

Mentoring is one of my main purpose, therfore created various courses through my upcoming App.

Each training will have a solidarity purchase for humanitarian projects.

I make myself available for more information, when needed.


Ameerah FATTAL is Light Being, a career Quantum Energy Deprogrammer, Reprogrammer, Ancient Forgotten Nutrition Specialist, Alchemist, Inspirational Speaker & Avangardist Humanitarian for New Earth Renaissance.

She Mentors Self Empowerement, is a Heart's Mind, Body & Spirit Quantum Makeover of 8 + Years of experience where people get instant liberation, feel empowered through one-to-one trainings, live groups, programmes & is now pre-launching her App to difuse her solutions globally.

She’s a Wayshower, inspired by the purpose in realigning people's life & spirit trajectory & reconnect them to their purpose fulfillment.

She transmits ancient cutting-edge sciences & teaches on how to command our spirit & prime creation for new realities.

She is a teacher of the teachers, imbodies the change & contributes in preparing the New Earth Era Renaissance through innovative  projects & humanitarian sustainable solutions.