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Alisa Picerno
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Two sisters never dreamed that their dark struggles with infertility would birth a business that empowers others to tap into their own inner strength and overcome adversity.  Third-generation jewelry designers Christina Baribault Ortiz and Raeann Baribault Schwartz created The Power to B,  an inspirational bracelet line that reminds people of all ages that they are not alone in the midst of life’s challenges by encouraging them to B Strong, B Fierce, B Badass, B Limitless and B Fearless.


Debuted at last year’s Oscar Awards, all wearers can look like a true celebrity adorned in a variety of colored cords, silver, rose-gold and yellow gold-plated silver styles set to their power word of choice.

Throughout the year, the sisters have put those words into action by custom creating limited-edition bracelets whose proceeds benefit charities dedicated to helping families and children, like The Hope for Fertility Foundation, the Robb School Memorial Fund, the Purple Heart Foundation, the UCONN Foundation, the Bristol Police Heroes Fund and Breast Friends Fund.  

Attached is a brochure of the popular line that includes Hollywood connections, client testimonials and compelling media coverage.  Please let me know your interest in scheduling an interview to discuss their special journey and upcoming plans.

Bios for Christina and Raeann can be viewed here: and below are specific topics that they can discuss to engage your audience:

  • Running a successful 3rd-generation family jewelry business for 75 years – adapting and innovating with the changing times
  • Purpose-driven collections: how to make jewelry powerful and meaningful
  • Positively impacting lives by using jewelry as a self-help tool- uplifting one’s spirit and empowering oneself through the visual reminders of jewelry
  • How to cultivate active listening with customers and using creativity to help them choose a piece that is both beautiful and meaningful
  • Jewelry can remind people of their personal power and connections in their lives.   
  • Top 5 things you need to succeed in launching a new jewelry collection
  • Creating resiliency and permanence in your luxury brand: riding the professional highs and lows during turbulent economic times

I’m Chrissy, the founder and creative force behind The Power to B!

I can’t say there was a defining moment when I came up with The Power to B, because it’s a project that’s been in the works my whole life. I’ve had days that require me to B Strong, weeks that have me struggling to B Fierce, and years of believing in my power to B Limitless in bringing this vision to life. I’ve been through it – relationships, career changes, personal challenges – you name it.

Visual reminders of my strength are what have gotten me through the darkest times and have made the bright times brighter.

My passion for powerful words, even as a kid, is ironic as I’m really at a loss for words now. The impact this brand is making on our growing community of women is greater than I ever could have dreamed, and you’d better believe I have a notebook full of what’s coming next.

I’m Raeann, the strategic powerhouse that’s brought this brand to life!

I always knew The Power to B’s message would resonate with women far beyond our local jewelry store’s reach. The authenticity of our brand comes directly from the women brave enough to share their stories with us, and that’s why it’ll never truly be complete.

Every day I meet someone who is up against a new battle, has a new opportunity in front of them, or is just missing the right words to say to someone they love.

I take all of this in, mesh it with our own experiences, and deliver strength to women through beautiful products that always seem to say the right thing. With my B Fierce bracelet on my wrist, I’m always thinking about how we can better serve our community and make our message reach even further, bringing The Power to B to women everywhere.

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