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Tomi Brooks
Your Pitch

Would you be interested in an interview or guest article with double (it is spelled correctly) a leading startup in Japan that specializes in NFT solutions and developing blockchain games, about how far the decentralized internet has come and its outlook for 2023 

Topics a Double representative can discuss in the interview or article:

  • What web3 is and why this version of the internet is so crucial in moving digital technology forward
  • A history of web1 and web2 technologies and how they set the stage for web3
  • What web3 can do and why its the future in 2023 and beyond                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

double, Inc., has been featured on Benzinga and in the Digital Journal, as well as Techbullion and Disrupt Magazine. The company was also the developer of the highly successful MyCryptoHeroes game, which ranked eighth in “all-time” NFT Collectible Sales Volume in April 2021 by CryptoSlam.  A year earlier it achieved a number 1 ranking for ETH transaction volumes.



Global business development executive with more than 12 years of experience in strategic partnerships, sales, product marketing, and business operations. Results-driven, entrepreneurial leader with the proven ability to cultivate partnerships across sectors. Creative executive demonstrating strong startup experience and the ability to direct and collaborate remotely with cross-functional teams. Innovative, dedicated professional adept at driving vision and strategy to ensure overall business success.

United States