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Amy Robeson
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Please meet a gifted healer and spiritual business coach. Amy Robeson is a Master Akashic Records Teacher and Spiritual Mentor who shows people how to experience amazing transformation and magik in their lives, Amy integrates proven business strategies with the infinite power of spiritual healing and energy work to help you create an aligned, profitable business.

Amy’s greatest strengths help her clearly communicate high concept spiritual and business knowledge so you can become a successful entrepreneur and powerful healer in your own right. She runs a well-attended and successful online business.

Amy has known chronic pain, major injuries, depression, and feeling lost and broken. Through yoga, meditation, and spiritual teachers the divine worked with her to connect her deeply to her innate gifts, and in that journey, Amy healed herself to create success and abundance from the inside out.

Today she shares her gifts and support to an amazing global community of spirituals, creatives, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs. She hosts the popular Awakening with Amy podcast.

Quote from Amy: “The past created this moment. Healing trauma creates a different future.”

Potential Interview Questions:
1.     What are secrets of the Akashic Records?
2.     How to play with magic and translate it into everyday, grounded living?
3.     What are the Akashic Records?
4.     What can Akashic Records do for you?
5.     How can you access these Records?
6.     How are the Akashic Records like having your guides on speed dial?
7.     Light Language Magik – what is the nature of someone’s soul light language to stream higher levels of consciousness?
8.     Amy, what experience have you had or your students, with Activating crystalline energy in the chakras and auric field?
9.     Is there a healing and sales training most people need to get more success in their business?
10.  What is a surprising spiritual self-care practice?
11.   How can we activate our DNA?
12.  What is the importance of animal spirit guides?
13.  How can we be protected 360 degrees and have our auric field cleaned by angels, spirit guides, the guardians of the akashic records, animal spirits, and fairies?
14.  If crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source formed by an essence of light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter, then how can we see it or use it as the divine template?
15.  How is crystalline energy the source of the manifestation of creativity, that which forms the integral nature of all words and realities?


Amy has a degree in Marketing & Business; is a certified meditation teacher, master certified akashic record teacher, Reiki Master teacher, certified life coach, certified crystal teacher, tantra and aryuveda yoga teacher, has mentored over hundreds of students including 7-figure business owners and entry level entrepreneurs. Amy has been featured in Newswire, multiple podcasts and radio shows, and her meditations are featured on Insight Timer.

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If you need additional information, feel free to review Amy’s About Page to find out more details about her. Or you can listen to her recent podcast interviews: A Better Way of Being with Asharnaye, or on the award-winning Dare to Dream podcast.

Amy's social media links and Talking Points are listed below.

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Kind regards,
Debbi Dachinger



·       Manifesting – Abundance – Prosperity – Money- Finances
·       Balance of the woo-woo with the practical
·       Shadow work, entities, and dark forces
·       Curiosity about one's trauma and triggers. Unpacking trauma safely.
·       Consciousness expansion
·       Amy can channel personalized healing messages for your audience or you
·       Amy built her entire business using Akashic Records. She replaced her corporate career to create a 6-figure entrepreneur business using Akashic Records in 13 months.
·       Spiritual Growth and Development
·       What happens when you activate your DNA
·       Akashic Records used in every area 


Meet   Amy

In 2015, I walked away from a successful corporate career, scared to death.


So I decided to take a leap of faith and trust that all of the tools, spiritual teachings, and practices I had gathered over the years were ready to be shared.

That confidence was a wildly different feeling than I had back in 2005.

Back then, I was depressed, struggling to get up in the morning and face the day, and hating my career, my life, and myself. I even considered taking my own life.

After three years in the trenches of life, I found my heart and soul talking to me in a new way, and in 2008 I tried yoga. That first class, my serotonin levels increased, and for the first time in a long time, I felt happy.

Trying yoga turned into four classes a week, and lonely moments turned into new friends and a new relationship with my now-husband.


When I moved across the country and then cracked my tailbone, I went from working 70+ hours a week to doing absolutely nothing. I found myself depressed once again and dealing with chronic pain - this time in a new city.

My can-do, handle-anything, Type A identity was suddenly no more.

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t stand, walk or sit in comfort.

I felt broken. Lost. And I was in constant pain. I wanted to give in, to immerse myself in tears and sorrow, and allow the hopelessness to overcome me.

But something within me wouldn’t let me.

I heard that voice – the voice of reason, the voice of intuition, the voice of love – that divine voice of wisdom we all have inside.

That voice told me to hold on. To try again.

It was just a tiny sliver of light shining through a cloud of darkness, but it was enough.

I dried my tears and made a decision. I was going to get a grip on my life. I was going to look for help.

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

During a completely random search online, I found my first spiritual teacher. She taught me how to meditate and how to be in control of my life. Meditation helped me discover myself. I began to heal on all levels — spiritually, mentally, and physically.

In just 30 days, I was off my pain meds, and in 2 months my pain had vanished.
Meditation changed my life.

And it opened my eyes to the power of spiritual work.

I now work with the magik of crystalline energy (some people call me the Crystal Queen), the Akashic Records, and other powerful spiritual systems and modalities.


My ability to heal others, and to channel Higher Wisdom has grown more intense and more powerful than I could ever have imagined. I’ve embraced my gifts and I’m owning my power as a gifted empath, super intuitive, healer, and spiritual coach.

When you connect deeply with your innate gifts, you can heal yourself to create success and abundance from the inside out. And you can do the same for others.

I share my gifts and support an amazing global community of spirituals, creatives, healers, and conscious entrepreneurs. Magical, beautiful souls who are creating aligned spiritual businesses, and calling in an abundant flow of money and magic while creating incredible manifestations in their lives.

I feel so blessed, honored, and grateful that I get to guide, support, and help these beautiful souls to live their dreams as I live mine.

This is my story, my truth, my life purpose, and my calling.
I hope you find solace, inspiration, and motivation in these words to find yours.

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