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Martin Paul Cuthew

"With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world." This line from Desiderata encapsulates the philosophy of English singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Martin Paul Cuthew. Music is a mix of catharsis and celebration. His meditations on love, hope and longing are set against bright sonic colours and warm, rich tones - a foundation of acoustic-rock vocal/guitar is enriched with bold synths and beats to form gutsy pop-rock songs.

Martin's first 4 pop-rock singles were all released to positive reviews and international radio airplay, and he recently made successful appearances at Weybridge Arts Festival and the Gosport Waterfront Festival. He is now expanding his sound with his 5-track "Erosion & Evolution" EP. Lead single, The Machine, tells of working for "The Man" and dreaming of escape with mournful vocals set against grinding industrial sounds and pulsing guitar effects before bursting into an uplifting chorus that affirms we are meant to be free.