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Psychic Riz Mirza is a Healer Medium
Guest Biography

Mystic Riz Mirza is known as the only full physical trance channel that can channel different known interdimensional Spirit Guides and give accurate and detailed individual messages to sold-out groups in over 2800 consecutive in-personal spirit gatherings called the  'Circle of Light'. 

Riz Mirzafor over 15 years as a Shaman, has been channeling numerous spirit guides who have helped heal and uplift thousands of people in over 2,000 live full-trance channeled gatherings called the Circle of Light with over 8,000 hrs of documented and recorded sessions to large groups weekly. Riz is one of the only top psychic medium full trance channels of our generation that is known to channel publicly and gives individual personal messages to the entire group. Also, he is the only one who has channeled over 100 different well-known spirit guides, all documented and recorded in front of a live audience consistently for over ten years. He is considered a master trance channel.