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Award-winning hip-hop artist Brinson Wright is back with a beat that blends his passion for creating great music with his desire to inspire others with a powerful message. The just-dropped new release, Before He Cracks the Sky, is a concept album featuring contributions from multi-platinum-selling producer Frank Nitty, and the sounds of hip-hop veterans Corey Red & Precise and Knine. Brinson's music has been seen and heard on ESPN, NPR, BET, MTV, New York’s Hot 97 and TBN, and he is the host of the GodChaserz Podcast.

Please let me know if you would like to schedule an interview with Brinson, who makes a compelling guest. I would also be happy to send you a complimentary copy of his book, 10 Things Every Christian Hip Hop Artist Should Know, in consideration of a review or feature. More information can be found in the press release below.


When award-winning hip-hop artist Brinson Wright was just 4 years old, he was given a cassette tape containing the song “Bible Break” by Stephen Wiley (regarded as the godfather of Christian rap), and a seed was planted. Brinson grew up knowing that the spoken rhymes of rap and the spoken words of the gospel were not mutually exclusive, and that music and ministry could be intertwined and used to edify and reach the often unreachable youth audience. 

“Rap, honestly, is motivation music,” Brinson said in a recent interview. “I’m going to motivate people to chase God.”

Brinson’s just-dropped album, Before He Cracks the Sky, is his 11th solo project and 80th overall release from GodChaserz Entertainment, the record label he founded in 2006. On it, he offers a prophetic voice along the lines of Malachi, who fervently attempts to share the good news that his neighbors can indeed be saved.

As with his past projects, Before He Cracks the Sky features top-notch sounds (including contributions from multi-platinum-selling producer Frank Nitty) and guest performances from Christian hip-hop veterans like Corey Red & Precise and Knine, and newcomers Porsha Love, Bri, Lu the Great and TC the Collector.
And like his last two albums, Before He Cracks the Sky is wrapped in a vivid cover designed by notable Marvel/DC/Image comic book artist Ken Lashley (of Black Panther, Star Wars and Spawn fame).

Brinson’s work in other areas has been gaining considerable attention. His GodChaserz documentary has won over 40 awards, and his entrance theme for Serena Deeb was featured on All Elite Wrestling. Plus, his book, 10 Things Every Christian Hip Hop Artist Should Know, provides valuable direction for others who want to enter the music industry without compromising their Christian values.

Using multiple forms of media to share his message comes naturally for Brinson, who is also an avid comic book collector, movie buff and ordained minister. 

“It’s time for listeners to lend their ears to Before He Cracks the Sky,” Brinson said. “This is where it all began — telling stories about God’s good grace.” 

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