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TC Blackwell
Your Pitch

Unique and unforgettable, TC Blackwell’s whirlwind journey, Hypothetically, plunges readers into stories of the human experience that toggle between provoking powerful emotional responses and peals of laughter. She is neither denying nor confirming that these extraordinary stories actually happened, but if they did, she’s sure lived one heck of an entertaining (if sometimes stressful) life.


TC Blackwell specializes in crafting funny adventures with a heaping dose of romance. She holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and shares an incredibly unique passion for helping young adults bridge the literacy gap.
She is a fitness guru and lives in Minnesota. In theory she is working on her next novel.

In reality she is possibly at the local gym or watching a comedy movie.

TC Blackwell is working on the next adventures to the sequel releasing soon. 

United States