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Zana Cultural Vanguard is a music group originating from Maitengwe village and based in Gaborone, Botswana. The group was formed in 2007 by Eldah Dzana Sihlupheki who is the lead singer for the band. It is comprising of eight members who play different roles. Zana plays both traditional music and Afro jazz. The band which sings mostly in Ikalanga language plays live music. The group has recorded four albums: two traditional and two Afro Jazz. Their last album was released in May 2022.

Due to its live performance style Zana Cultural Vanguard has performed on several occasions around the country. In 2009 the group performed at the official opening of Maitengwe Boarder Gate/Bridge. Zana has shared stage with Phillip Mhlanga and Kabo Leburu at Millenium Jazz Restaurent in March 2017, also shared stage with Banjo Mosele and Magic Diau at Mountain Restaurant in Gabane in May 2017. The band has also shared stage with Friends of Friends band at The Greenberry Nursery in Partial and has also played alongside Stream Jazz Band. In June 2017 Zana performed at a Culture Day hosted by Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture in Tutume. Zana was among the three bands performing at Maitengwe Annual Bonefire with the legend Ndingo Johwa and rhumba star Clement Magwaza from Zimbabwe in 2018. The same year Zana band also performed at Associated Fund Administrators (AFA) Christmas party. In 2018 Zana also performed at ‘BOMU Jazz Artists Under 1 Roof’ festival which was organized by BOMU at Millennium Restaurant. In 2022 Zana Cultural Vanguard has been performing alongside Dipoko Band in different bars for Sunday Jazz. Zana performed at Fete de la Musiques Festival 2022 in Gaborone on the 25 June 2022.