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Steven Machat
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Despite the advancements in technology, wisdom and knowledge, there are some questions which continue to perplex mankind just as they have done for centuries. What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die? How did we get here? Who's really in control?

It is precisely these questions that prompted 'Renaissance man' Steven Machat to embark on an epic lifelong quest spanning five decades to find out the truth, the results of which are documented in their entirety for the first time ever in his latest mind-blowing book, ‘We’ve got to get out of this place’.

In what is Steven’s tenth book, We’ve got to get out of this place! explores the smoke and mirrors that surround humanity, religion and philosophy, revealing the truths that remain hidden in plain sight. He delves deep into the exploration of Earthly death, ascension and reincarnation and draws convincing research-based conclusions to five of the most significant questions for mankind, including, 'what happens after we die?'

No stone is left unturned in Steven’s quest for the truth about life, death and what comes next. Multi-dimensional travel, quantum physics and metaphysical truths are all carefully considered, as is a thorough analysis of the ancient, mystical Emerald Tablets and insightful communications from energies who exist beyond the Earthly realm.

For anyone looking for a challenging and mind-altering read that will question everything they’ve ever thought to be true, We’ve got to get out of this place! will not disappoint. It is the perfect companion for anyone who is curious about spirituality and who knows in their gut that there is more to this thing called life than what those in positions of power or influence are telling us.

For readers who feel compelled to look way beyond the confines of religion and societal norms, and to understand the truth behind so many of the traditions, assumptions and beliefs that shape modern-day life, this book is a must.

Steven’s impetus when writing this book was simply to encourage people to expand their thinking, ignite the spark of curiosity and explore life a little more deeply.

“This book is my life studies of: 'what is life about and where do we go from here?' If nothing else, I pray this book opens your mind and allows you to go beyond the portal of your third eye, the eye that sees beyond the physical body existence and gets you to understand what this life is about and what comes next,” explains Steven.


Born and raised in NY City, Steven Machat is one of the world's most successful entertainment moguls and owner of SSK Records, SSK Productions and the School of Sacred Knowledge. He is the author of ten books and has lectured at over 80 universities, colleges and schools including Oxford and Cambridge, He has also appeared at musical festivals and book fairs in more than 100 countries.

United Kingdom
Front cover of Steven Machat's tenth book 'We've got to get out of the place' displayed on a coffee table