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Deirdre Sirianni
Your Pitch

We are living in a period of change where several old toxic stories of corporations and business CEOs are crumbling and can no longer exist. Leaders need to redefine the purpose of a corporation to withstand and grow. Leadership skills are taking on a new role and we need to lead by example, not force the hand. Inspiring and empowering the team will lead to greater fulfillment than controlling and demanding employees. Relationships within the business are crucial to nurture and grow. Impactful leadership is about making long-lasting positive and meaningful contributions to business and society.

It is important to combine your mind and heart to lead with a lasting impact with authenticity and influence those around you. You want to lead to a goal but also build your team to flourish on their own.

The winning formula will require incredible competence of mind, spirit, and emotional intelligence to manifest through quantum leaps.


Deidre is a TEDx speaker, spiritual guide, leadership strategist, and love coach. 

She travels the world, and lives fully from her gifts, and she has had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of people on their journey of awakening to their highest selves and full potential.

But it wasn’t always this way. 

For over two decades she lived a dual life, swallowed her truth, settled for the 70% of what she wanted in all aspects of her life. She felt like she was playing small. 

From the outside, she looked like a leader, and like she was the happiest person everyone knew. But on the inside, it felt like her soul was being crushed, like she was failing at life.

The truth was that she had disconnected from her intuition due to years of unhealed trauma and abusive relationships. 

She got really good at checking things off of “the list”: Get married, buy a house, start a business, be successful.

Her life looked so good to everyone else around her that even she was drinking the Kool-Aid. All the boxes were checked, the list was complete—this was it, right?

What everyone else strives for? 

Then why wasn’t she happy? Why did she carry around this feeling of things not being quite right, even though to everyone else, she looked like the luckiest woman on the planet? 

That illusion didn’t last. Spirit knocked her on her head with manifestations of disease, depression, and a list of Universal signs that no one could ignore. 

In the throes of an awakening that felt more like judgment day, she had no choice but to fully surrender and embrace my true path. She studied with Shamans for a decade among other things to find her truth and master the art of healing and supporting others.

It became clear that every trauma, transition, lie she lived, and radical change she had experienced was a part of her becoming ready to serve others in ways she would have never been able to without the life experiences she’s had.

This is the difference of being radically aligned and leaking your energy. 

She went from disease and depression to fulfilled and thriving because she prioritized her alignment and healing to quell that feeling that she wasn’t living up to her potential.