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Inner Hippie Club, 01/11/2021

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Inner Hippie Club
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with Mac Macartney, Charlotte de Jaegher and Shawn Harvey

Special guest Mac Macartney tells us about the Children's Fire in Fireside Stories.

Charlotte de Jaegher takes the Talking Stick and gives us a glimpse into her world

Shawn Harvey delights listeners on Music Spotlight with Come Back Darling, Baby I'm Gonna Leave You Soon and Down that Road.

Guest, Mac Macartney

Guest Name
Mac Macartney
Guest Occupation
International speaker, writer and change-maker
Guest Biography

Mac Macartney is an international speaker, writer and change-maker. Mentored by indigenous people over many years, he has acquired profound and original insights into questions preoccupying many contemporary leaders. Mac seeks to inspire the emergence of the leader in each of us, the leader who will take courageous action for a better world. Championing A New Story of Sustainability lies at the heart of this.

Mac intertwines themes rarely associated with each other – the quest for meaning and purpose, organisational leadership, nature, identity and the role of ordinary people in shaping a future fit for generations to come.

Mac is an outstanding speaker, unusual in his capacity to address diverse groups with equal impact and resonance. He intertwines themes rarely associated with each other – the quest for meaning and purpose, organisational leadership, nature, identity and the role of ordinary people in shaping a future fit for generations to come.

Mac speaks at major international conferences across the corporate, public and third sectors. Past talks include: TEDx, Unilever, Harvard Business School Club of New York, The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, Barclays Bank, HR Vision, Grunenthal, A.I.S.E and the Institute of Family Business.

For all corporate speaking requests please contact Mac’s speaker agent Personally Speaking

You can reach them at or at + 353 (0) 1 4750 360

They are helpful and will get back to you quickly.

Mac writes about his search for meaning and purpose in a culture that is captivated by values and beliefs that assault the Earth’s life-systems and collapse society in upon itself. 

The Children’s Fire reveals the profoundly rich narrative of Britain’s tribal past and the animate world we once inhabited. It calls to the ancient sleeping beauty existing in our dormant wild heart and asserts that we can return home, link hands as a people, and redefine the purpose that guides our twenty-first century lives. It is part of a larger story that is surfacing all around the world. It is a choice waiting to be made.

Mac’s purpose is to touch hearts, fire imagination and invite courageous action to better serve our world. All his work is aligned to this mission.

Mac has been deeply touched and informed by the wisdom traditions of various indigenous peoples and over many years has been the beneficiary of their mentorship and guidance. This prolonged and challenging training has profoundly influenced his worldview and continues to inform all aspects of his work, from large multinationals to grassroots groups.

Mac is the founder of Embercombe, a social enterprise on the edge of Dartmoor National Park with a mission to catalyse the emergence of leaders and change-makers for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Mac is an Associate of Leaders’ Quest a social enterprise that develops wise, compassionate and adept leaders from business, government and civil society. He recently spoke to 60 climate change leaders and influencers from COP21 on the topic of hope.

Mac is a regular guest teacher at Schumacher College and also lectures to various universities in the UK and abroad. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Education for his work in service to the community and youth, and received the Enlightened Society Award from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in 2013.

Alongside his own UK company, Mac co-founded leadership development consultancies in Poland and Russia.

Mac combines this experience of corporate social responsibility, climate change advocacy, leadership development, indigenous wisdom and business transformation and invites people to take courageous action for what they truly love.

Guest, Charlotte De Jaegher

Guest Name
Charlotte De Jaegher
Guest Occupation
Founder of Arasari Lifestyle
Guest Biography

Charlotte De Jaegher (also known as Charlotte El Casador) is the founder of Arasari Lifestyle, a certified health & lifestyle specialist, educator, coach and a care coordinator for schools.

She is a contributer to STRONG AND FREE - Stories of women who are living their dream after breaking upo with society's expectations, a multi-author book by Inner Hippie Books.

Guest, Shawn Harvey

Guest Name
Shawn Harvey
Guest Occupation
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer
Guest Biography

"For those who have never heard of Shawn, he is an already well established British singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has a large international fan base and is equally a well-respected musician amongst other musicians throughout the world. For over a decade he has written and recorded Pop, Rock and Blues, like very few do, and to top it off, he has worked with a great number of influential names, such Albert Lee, Boz Boorer and Linda Gail Lewis.

Born in Plymouth, England, Shawn grew up in a small tin-mining town in rural Cornwall surrounded by the sounds of the Seventies, a love for music that shines through in his own music to this day. He started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 13, and since then, has developed his own distinctive style, taking his inspiration from his own early musical influences and adding a large dose of himself to each of his songs and recordings. The result, I am sure you will agree, is a fresh and exciting new sound in recreating 1950s Rock'n'Roll in the 2000s. His live performances have been described as electrifying, and are, say many, still the best way to witness his true musical talent as a singer and guitarist. From years spent on the road, and gigging the length and width of the UK and Europe ever since he was aged 14, has turned him into one of the most exciting performers around today. Catch him performing live and you will catch him in his element."

Nigel Goodall – UK Music Journalist.

Shawn is always working on new musical ideas. His current projects are Pretty Pictures, a raw and unplugged acoustic album, and the Best of Shawn Harvey album.

Inner Hippie Club

Show Host

The Inner Hippie Club is a virtual meeting place for listeners who want to release and nurture their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious - an eclectic mix of talk shows and music.

Each week, Silke Harvey, your host, talks about what it takes to be a truly carefree and happy Inner Hippie and invites inspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to her virtual fireside in "Fireside Stories".

They tell you how they've broken up with society's expectations and are leading their dream lives. Their stories are powerful. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. They'll make you grateful to be alive in these amazing times where women all over the world are rising up to reclaim their rightful places in society as thought leaders, visionaries, and storytellers.

Guests from all walks of life take the Talking Stick and tell the listeners a bit about themselves, their business and/or their cause. Get inspired, get tips, tricks, and advice that can help you to live like the true Inner Hippie you know deep down you are.

But of course, no Inner Hippie can ever be complete without music! After all, music is food for the soul!

Each week is rounded off with the "Music Spotlight" where talented indie musicians delight listeners with their great tunes.

So come on over and join the Inner Hippie Club for thoughtful discussion, fun, and laughter. Phoning in and participating is highly encouraged on this show!

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