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Inner Hippie Club, 25/10/2021

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Inner Hippie Club
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with Bridget Aileen Sicsko, Amanda Hainline and Mala Oreen

Bridget Aileen Sicsko tells us about the puzzle pieces of existence in Fireside Stories.

Amanda Hainline takes the Talking Stick and gives us a glimpse of her book Feel Better in Five Minutes.

Mala Oreen delights listeners on Music Spotlight with her song Ragged Queen.

Guest, Bridget Aileen Sicsko

Guest Name
Bridget Aileen Sicsko
Guest Occupation
Founder of Exalted Publishing House, podcast host and leadership consultant
Guest Biography

Bridget Aileen Sicsko helps successful entrepreneurs standout and be featured as a leader in their industry through sharing powerful stories, writing best-selling books and gaining global recognition.

She is the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a Podcast Host and a Leadership Consultant. Bridget’s hope behind her books is to bring information, knowledge, wisdom and hope to people all over the world. She believes in the power of words, stories and voices to shift the way we view reality, our potential and our purpose on the planet.
In addition, she considers herself a master community builder and has gathered hundreds of female leaders in her online community, mastermind program, networking events & women's circles. Bridget also hosts a Podcast called  “The Gathering MVMT” where she has interviewed over 60 entrepreneurs, TedX speakers, authors, thought-leaders, & visionaries to discuss success consciousness, leadership, kundalini yoga, energetics and quantum reality. 

Uncertain times call for empowering voices to be heard. Bridget's overall vision is to disrupt the anxiety-provoking, fear based media stories we are familiar with by broadcasting global messages of empowerment and hope.

Bridget has been featured in Thrive Global, Women's Business Daily,  Authority Magazine, The Medium, on Ticker News & News 12 New York. In addition, she has spoken at the She Can Brand Conference, virtual summits like One Women International and wrote in the best-selling book called Awakening - Meet The Women Birthing A New Earth.

She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Eric, and border-collie beagle, Finn.

Guest, Amanda Hainline

Guest Name
Amanda Hainline
Guest Occupation
Intuitive healer, clairvoyant, audiovoyant, clairsentient, medium, channel, and author
Guest Biography

Amanda Hainline has been in the world of energy healing for the past 15 years and works with clients all over the globe. She is an intuitive healer, clairvoyant, audiovoyant, clairsentient, medium, channel, and author. She loves bringing the world of energy healing to others through teaching, hands-on healing, and distance work.

Unlike many others in the field, she did not arrive there because she was seeking a spiritual life. It was actually the furthest thing from her mind. She grew up in a church-going family, but was always more science-minded, with a deep connection to nature. She married and began a family in her 20s, but ten years later, she was struggling with carrying the load of motherhood.

Seeking the aid of an energy healer, she had an initial session that reduced her anxiety, but the second session threw her into the spiritual realm instantly. A spontaneous kundalini awakening blew open all of her chakras at the same time and she spent the next six months grappling with her sanity. To her utter shock, three angels arrived in her living room, proclaiming they would teach her how to heal people. After initially challenging them, she ultimately gave in and allowed them to guide her to start healing herself and others.
Today, Amanda Hainline is an emotional freedom mentor, intuitive healer, and author of the book Feel Better in Five Minutes - An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions. In Feel Better in Five Minutes she shares 79 emotional freedom methods to help others gain freedom from the anxiety, depression, and stress that are rampant today, to help themselves and others.

Amanda previously worked as a business manager and consultant. A mom of two sons, Amanda says her family fueled her passion for all things healthy, from food and supplements to functional medicine. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Learn more at

Guest, Mala Oreen

Guest Name
Mala Oreen
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
Swiss-American singer-songwriter
Guest Biography

Mala Oreen is a Swiss-American singer-songwriter who makes her home in Lucerne. Her music has been described as “healing” “powerful” “magnetic” “passionate” and “as pure as an Alpine stream”. An experience with Mala’s immersive musical palette opens the mind to dreams and fills the heart with warmth. 

Mala grew up in a home where music was vital. Her parents instilled in her a love of vocal and instrumental music. Beginning her classical violin studies as a young girl, she still hones her skills as a vocalist, violinist, guitar player. Her mother’s record collection was an early inspiration. She fell in love with American and later on Irish and Appalachian folk music that influenced so much of it. 

Mala Oreen focused on her fiddle playing and became a member of various folk groups in Switzerland. From 2009 until 2018 she was touring with her own Celtic-Americana band, Mala & FyrMoon. She shared stages with great Bluegrass and Folk artists like Dale Anne Bradley, the Kruger Brothers and many others. 

Always blazing her own trail as a solo artist, she released her first album, “Simply a Lotus” in 2011. In 2014 along with FyrMoon she recorded the album “On the Run” which she followed with tours in the US, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany. 

She performs solo and with her band, consisting of Marc Scheidegger (guitars, vocals), Rafi Woll (percussion, vocals) and Simon Iten (upright bass).

The songs of her upcoming album (available in November 2021) originated in a longer visit to the US, where she met like-minded artists. They left their stamp subtly on the songs appearing on the album. The themes of the album cover a lot of ground from enjoying the creative impulses life affords us all to its limitations: prison bars that it’s up to each of us to break. It’s about the healing and wild powers of nature and also about sorrow and loss. 

Mala Oreen’s purpose for her musical life’s work? “I would like to inspire people with my music, so they can gather courage to live what makes them happy and share their own talents and passions with the world.” 

It’s a collection of experiences full of hope, new space and open doors.

Inner Hippie Club

Show Host

The Inner Hippie Club is a virtual meeting place for listeners who want to release and nurture their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious - an eclectic mix of talk shows and music.

Each week, Silke Harvey, your host, talks about what it takes to be a truly carefree and happy Inner Hippie and invites inspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to her virtual fireside in "Fireside Stories".

They tell you how they've broken up with society's expectations and are leading their dream lives. Their stories are powerful. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. They'll make you grateful to be alive in these amazing times where women all over the world are rising up to reclaim their rightful places in society as thought leaders, visionaries, and storytellers.

Guests from all walks of life take the Talking Stick and tell the listeners a bit about themselves, their business and/or their cause. Get inspired, get tips, tricks, and advice that can help you to live like the true Inner Hippie you know deep down you are.

But of course, no Inner Hippie can ever be complete without music! After all, music is food for the soul!

Each week is rounded off with the "Music Spotlight" where talented indie musicians delight listeners with their great tunes.

So come on over and join the Inner Hippie Club for thoughtful discussion, fun, and laughter. Phoning in and participating is highly encouraged on this show!

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