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Guest Name
Bridget Aileen Sicsko
Guest Occupation
Founder of Exalted Publishing House, podcast host and leadership consultant
Guest Biography

Bridget Aileen Sicsko helps successful entrepreneurs standout and be featured as a leader in their industry through sharing powerful stories, writing best-selling books and gaining global recognition.

She is the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a Podcast Host and a Leadership Consultant. Bridget’s hope behind her books is to bring information, knowledge, wisdom and hope to people all over the world. She believes in the power of words, stories and voices to shift the way we view reality, our potential and our purpose on the planet.
In addition, she considers herself a master community builder and has gathered hundreds of female leaders in her online community, mastermind program, networking events & women's circles. Bridget also hosts a Podcast called  “The Gathering MVMT” where she has interviewed over 60 entrepreneurs, TedX speakers, authors, thought-leaders, & visionaries to discuss success consciousness, leadership, kundalini yoga, energetics and quantum reality. 

Uncertain times call for empowering voices to be heard. Bridget's overall vision is to disrupt the anxiety-provoking, fear based media stories we are familiar with by broadcasting global messages of empowerment and hope.

Bridget has been featured in Thrive Global, Women's Business Daily,  Authority Magazine, The Medium, on Ticker News & News 12 New York. In addition, she has spoken at the She Can Brand Conference, virtual summits like One Women International and wrote in the best-selling book called Awakening - Meet The Women Birthing A New Earth.

She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Eric, and border-collie beagle, Finn.