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Inner Hippie Club, October 4, 2021

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Inner Hippie Club
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with Brigid Holder, Jannica Klingborg and Shawn Harvey

In the studio today

Brigid Holder talks about finding your true passion through adversity in Fireside Stories.

Jannica Klingborg takes the Talking Stick and gives us a glimpse of her business.

Shawn Harvey delights listeners on Music Spotlight with his song Thinkin’ It Over.


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Her confident woman transformation program will teach you how to experience joy, a sense of calm and high self-esteem.  

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Guest, Brigid Holder

Guest Name
Brigid Holder
Guest Category
Guest Occupation
Bestselling author and founder of The Art of Grace Publishing House
Guest Biography

As a two time best selling author, Brigid was keen to understand the world of publishing more and to allow the opportunity to more women in this world!

Feeling the benefits of writing, sharing and publishing her own stories, Brigid was keen to expand this and so founded The Art of Grace Publishing House.

A successful business-woman in the traditional world, Brigid spent about 7 years searching for her passion and when she began publishing it was like the heavens opened and the world was right again!

Bringing together women into a safe space, a container for them to express themselves and holding them as they launched their work into the world is Brigid’s zone of genius!

Brigid is the leader of the organization and sees the power in collaboration, community and raising the voices of other women to change the world.

You can see her often interviewing and championing other women on her Facebook profile.

Guest, Jannica Klingborg

Guest Name
Jannica Klingborg
Guest Occupation
Certified yoga instructor, Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, Reiki healer
Guest Biography

Jannica Klingborg is a certified yoga instructor, Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, and reiki healer originally from Sweden and based in Los Angeles. As Head Instructor for True Naked Yoga, she brings her immense knowledge of yoga and integrative wellness solutions into each of her thoughtfully designed programs.

As a former model, Jannica has worked, taught, and trained around the world. This global perspective equips her with a broad, cultured, and versatile approach to wellness. With a strong desire to heal and share knowledge, she guides her clients towards equilibrium and healthier living through providing integrative wellness solutions.

Establishing balance and helping to promote healing from within amid today’s busy, contemporary environment, she has over a decade of experience in holistic healing.

Guest, Shawn Harvey

Guest Name
Shawn Harvey
Guest Occupation
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer
Guest Biography

"For those who have never heard of Shawn, he is an already well established British singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has a large international fan base and is equally a well-respected musician amongst other musicians throughout the world. For over a decade he has written and recorded Pop, Rock and Blues, like very few do, and to top it off, he has worked with a great number of influential names, such Albert Lee, Boz Boorer and Linda Gail Lewis.

Born in Plymouth, England, Shawn grew up in a small tin-mining town in rural Cornwall surrounded by the sounds of the Seventies, a love for music that shines through in his own music to this day. He started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 13, and since then, has developed his own distinctive style, taking his inspiration from his own early musical influences and adding a large dose of himself to each of his songs and recordings. The result, I am sure you will agree, is a fresh and exciting new sound in recreating 1950s Rock'n'Roll in the 2000s. His live performances have been described as electrifying, and are, say many, still the best way to witness his true musical talent as a singer and guitarist. From years spent on the road, and gigging the length and width of the UK and Europe ever since he was aged 14, has turned him into one of the most exciting performers around today. Catch him performing live and you will catch him in his element."

Nigel Goodall – UK Music Journalist.

Shawn is always working on new musical ideas. His current projects are Pretty Pictures, a raw and unplugged acoustic album, and the Best of Shawn Harvey album.

Inner Hippie Club

Show Host

The Inner Hippie Club is a virtual meeting place for listeners who want to release and nurture their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious - an eclectic mix of talk shows and music.

Each week, Silke Harvey, your host, talks about what it takes to be a truly carefree and happy Inner Hippie and invites inspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to her virtual fireside in "Fireside Stories".

They tell you how they've broken up with society's expectations and are leading their dream lives. Their stories are powerful. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. They'll make you grateful to be alive in these amazing times where women all over the world are rising up to reclaim their rightful places in society as thought leaders, visionaries, and storytellers.

Guests from all walks of life take the Talking Stick and tell the listeners a bit about themselves, their business and/or their cause. Get inspired, get tips, tricks, and advice that can help you to live like the true Inner Hippie you know deep down you are.

But of course, no Inner Hippie can ever be complete without music! After all, music is food for the soul!

Each week is rounded off with the "Music Spotlight" where talented indie musicians delight listeners with their great tunes.

So come on over and join the Inner Hippie Club for thoughtful discussion, fun, and laughter. Phoning in and participating is highly encouraged on this show!

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Energy Cup radio show on CBS radio station one with the health silky Harvey every Monday at 1 p.m. CT<br> well hello everybody again and welcome welcome to the inner hippy cup Radio Show in the studio today we are going to have Bridget hold talks about finding your true passion for adversity in Fireside stories going to have Johnny Cash live with us in the studio today as she takes the Talking Stick and gives us a glimpse of a business and we're also going to have Sean Harvey who's going to Delight our listeners on the music Spotlight with his song Thinkin it over so there's lots of stuff very interesting people I must admit I am specially in Fireside stories Bridget story is just so amazing some Fireside stories by the way is the spot on the show where a person each week takes the virtual Fireside and tells a story story straight from the heart that's inspiring<br> it couldn't get any better ass this week and I'm really looking forward to August jonker klingberg as well because she is such an interest in person she will have lots to talk about and I would like to thank everybody last week for the launch of the show has been so much lovely feedback and support and I really would like to thank everybody sincerely and from the heart. Inside generous for making such nice comments I was really really test it meant a lot to me I already did it so exciting guests lined up for the future shows and it's going to be amazing looking forward to these next few weeks it's something exciting at something I don't know it's it's been over 30 years since I've been on radio and<br> oh it's so good to be back it's so good to be bad even though things are so different style today's technology has moved on I still remember when I first started DJing in my early years it was actually in an analog Studio I still have to physically drive to the studio have my turntable with my vinyls to my right and my record player to my left and the big cartridge machine for the jingles in front of made a big mixing desk and it was all about queuing up the music and rewinding the tapes by half a turn with your fingers still just to get them cute of right so they would come in on time without that it was such a different world back then and when guests wanted to be in the studio and talk to they literally have to come to the studio it was lovely in the way I used to like the studio but also I love this modern technology because it's means<br> can be connecting with people from all over the world and not to me it's the essence of radio of Tool King of getting out there and of connecting with people who you never would have met anyway Regio was the Forerunner of the internet that that was I will wait in the old days of reaching out to the world I used to have this little world transmitter an Old World Bone radio and there was nothing more exciting than waiting till 12:00 at night when the Airways for clear I'm going to my window and holding and it just the right direction and suddenly you would get glimpses of Faraway places like Radio Moscow or radio station in the United States and in my bedroom in Germany somewhere and thinking my God is such a big world out there<br> Andrade you're really really unlock this for me on the internet was a continuation of this and that this Modern Way of regular it is just fascinating it really really is fascinating so today in the studio Bridget told her we'll talk on at the fireside and Fireside stories and we're going to listen to her just after this next commercial<br> anxious and worried with low self-esteem and Trauma couch for professional women and survivors of trauma who want to feel confident and happy with the family work and social life without the worry and anxiety Holding Back The Confident Woman transformation programme will teach you how to experience joy and sense of calm a self-esteem but he is offering a free confidence jumpstart session play music by visit the website Minds renewal against the website it's called Mind renewal<br> welcome everybody today to Fireside stories I will guest for tonight is Bridgette holder and she will be talking to us about finding your true passion through adversity well convinced thank you so much for having me still going to play again<br> it's my pleasure entirely so you want to talk to us today about finding your true passion fruit versity. That sounds an intriguing story so grab yourself a coffee take it away sit by the fire and let's hear it<br> I guess it began in 2016 when my mom had a<br> how to stack the ended up having triple bypass surgery and I was able to because I work for myself and have done for a number of years I was able to organize the kids we say auntie in their grandfather and my mom is down in Sydney as she had the surgery and during her recovery. I stayed in the house weighs a couple of nuns and they were the most beautiful ladies very caring very compassionate and they would sit and talk to me at night time when I would get back from the hospital and it would be quite late when I get back my father in my stead as well and he was a different facility<br> women stay in their facilities that he was staying at a different location and time and I had to work to do cuz this is mostly just booked work and stuff that I didn't want to get behind John and tell him I would try to go to my room to do the book work when I go back and I did a line 9:30 10:00 I would like the hospital in and I knew I wanted to get back there first thing in the morning to pay that so that it went and took his family stuff and and she said<br> say what lights you are and adjusting to Jesus and<br> I knew that what I was doing didn't like me off I didn't particularly folding to the role of motherhood and that was quite a battle I had with myself to be able to deal with that and I started talking to this man about the fact that I didn't like being a mother that it took it felt like it took my identity and don't like I have to be something that I wasn't and she said to me that I remember it so clearly she actually said to me that I didn't have to be anything other than what I wanted today<br> and at the time I just thought she's no idea she's not my mother how could she know how I felt you know she's never had children she's likely for a line I never had a relationship and you know a man and force human beings into the world so I might as well as assumptions that she didn't know what she was talking about because I<br> listen to two children and one of those at the time was 10 and the other was Stephen so I went up to see Mom and trying to push this feeling inside and kept on going back to the house at night time and I got really good at avoiding and I'm so that I didn't have to talk about my feelings I was able to<br> send I think it was almost 10 days I spent up there is one more child age and then he was go back to my house when she go back to my house to help her with her recovery and it was that I have one of cool I mean you break down a little mini break down is because it wasn't like I completely failed to Paces I was still functioning. I was really sad and I was really sad because he's not and had pulled out of me that I was not enjoying my life as it was and I haven't realized that I was pushing all this under the rug pushing it under the rug until I sold my mother and my mom said she's still here with us and everything went well then but I became<br> nice looking in wood and I think that y'all had started a few years before that and looking into spirituality and discovering new things that I always knew you existed but please including my intuition and I found a meditation that time I Missed The Departed meditations because I want my mind to thinking about the psychologist and she was brilliant but I know what I can to be a mom and still have what I want and it was not a question of you. I locked my children would enjoy being around<br> give me a question about that it was more about the fact that I have to be present to them all the time these little people couldn't even to the fact that we had out of town so if there was things that they couldn't they do rely on you a lot more and it was something that I thought I have to be president to serve lunch because that's what Society expects it of me I lost my way<br> I was able to read that book whatever that book was I remember reading it and then going okay I can change what's happening in my last year I've got a choice and then I realize everything did come down to a choice I realized how successful I wasn't a businesswoman I realized I had talents Beyond being a mother I realized that wasn't my strong stations do not my strong suit and that's okay I'm older they realize I should have came to me from working with that psychologist<br> I think it's some shame associated with the fact that I had Keaton this for ten years I probably had personal depression from my first and you know I keep that as well like I was very good at pretending that everything was okay and very good at pretending that I could do it all by myself cuz my husband which is why I lost and it was something that I didn't realize<br> what's stopping me from actually finding my true passion and when I say that I mean it's I was the one making the choice to focus on pretending to be these mother of that Society expected me to be I was the one pretending that I had all my shit together you show up to all the events with a smile on my face and say I'm not a beautiful but I'm thinking about and I can see the psychologist and read this book and then<br> had the same feeling I had to do I did a course where I don't date for into my intuition and I hearing that. I have to actually do a an assignment in the assignment have choices and I supposed to do a five-day life series telling my story about not liking motherhood and how that felt for me and during that process<br> the feedback that I bought from other people the fact that I wasn't alone the fact that I wasn't the only mom he felt this way and wasn't able to enact continue doing it aligned with fantastic it was just like oh my gosh this is amazing I'm so glad and so many people thanked me for sharing my story it was like how can you meet me at least I hope that I never knew you could be turned out of her and it was moving forward and has gone to see a psychologist how do I not see any psychologist I wouldn't have discovered that I had a choice and I haven't discovered voice I wouldn't have been going on to share my story supposed to be the same situation for us and we were on retraced and it was a woman who is on the retreat with me who is now a free<br> mine and she liked it like an influx of a man you know I felt like he was on his investors who had lied about motherhood for 10 years and you know differently to how I judge and compared myself to have they didn't when I didn't even know we had to sit in front of each other and looking to examine his eyes<br> TV listen to My Soul like no other person has ever seen me and it's not. Hit me with<br> mistakes on the brakes and it was something that I never expected it another person could seem to me that will and from that I started to move around me that would go back to my childhood I would freeze because of the domestic violence going on in my house keys and I will put balls off and just keep pretending cuz that's what you do so yeah it was it was definitely that moment in time when she saw her into me and it was very emotional for me just somebody to actually save me as much as she did and it was gone over with I have never experienced before nice guy I let you know I'm grateful and will fit day forever grateful for these monuments including the breakdown including my mom having a heart attack<br> it was turning point of me so I didn't see myself as a rock and I never sold myself to somebody was able to do great faces or anything like that and universities or you know I didn't have to write great papers or anything in the English history of rocking in my family or me and you know it wasn't something that I grew up saying I would love to be a published writer or any of the book where should I put my story about motherhood and<br> when that became an honest and I mean I knew them as if they were friends on Facebook but you're old friends on the other offices in the book but it wasn't they won't connect it to me personally and it really changed life always like this is amazing this feeling cuz I had it twice before and always this is the third time and this time it was like the universe was talking to me in the face you've got to do something to eat this and I still wasn't sure what it was and then in 2020 I did another multi of the book and during that most deals have I asked the public that many questions that she then went on to actually run cooler some how to become a published<br> I doing that for us and became a publisher and it is it locks me out everyday so be able to sharing women's stories to allow other women I'm still alive because that's how I feel my story and other women stories does it allows people to change their lives and Grandson permission to change in trajectory to change what they doing to see that the East choice to allow them the opportunity to leave that passion and you know seek out things beyond what is in front of them at the moment and that books around them so I can from the publishing and now I get the bike attack table and a whole book of stories that relate to a person's life or you know things that I've experienced will that they've seen along the way and the lessons<br> thanks my man that said that then others can<br> Lantern eyes and change their lives and I think that<br> I'm story Sky fast serve lunch<br> we see cash and we underestimate the power of a story and me just sharing with you so we could actually change somebody's life you know they can see that they have the possibility to do something different I think I was drowning and<br> the business that we have traditional business because I thought that was it this is What My Job Lot is I have to look out for these children and I have to do this business for the rest of my life I have to do book with environmental science in Hindus and everything that's boring to me for the rest of my lost<br> and I was drowning in and I'm still my mom had the house I can do I still have no talent in front of my eyes and then I had a mini break down my so I didn't realize that I had a choice and I didn't realize that there was a different ways to do things so I'm so grateful that will love these things happen in my life and change my dress<br> Thank You Bridget that was a wonderful story and so inspiring tell me a little bit more about your publishing business I'm curious to find out more yesterday the art of Grace Publishing House allows women the opportunity to Grant permission to others and I do it in the Solar books in group program cuz I really like the community and a lot of women have 16 wins and this is an opportunity for those situations to actually justify and writing is so cathartic and you can put a value on<br> Thomas that was that gets out of actually sharing my story and become a published its it's something that until you experience that you can't explain the feeling cuz cities will miss you Frank I mean obviously I'm addicted to it. Ok Google, sing hands his books and I love it and I love what it does to me I love what it does for the roster and I love what it does for the radar so I will continue to give you this. I'm so grateful that I found publishing because it doesn't feel like when that saying that they have 5 or something<br> people about me stories and get excited to see the books come to fruition and yeah it's a beautiful way to lose and I'm excited that there's more women are sharing stories to other publishing hands is too because it gives the opportunity to serve any more to change their lives and I'm very passionate about it and where can I find you if they want to get in touch with you<br> yes your my website is just Bridget hold it don't come and I have that funny spelling of Bridget the Irish spelling and Bridget cuz I was named after in and my mom had High Hopes ID holder. Thank You Bridget for being here today it was a pleasure listening to your story and I'll be looking forward to talking to you again in the future<br> thank you so much I appreciate it<br> you are<br> do you feel anxious and worried with low self-esteem, couch for professional women and survivors of Troy, who wants to feel confident and happy with the family work and social life without the worry and anxiety holding back Information Program will teach you how to experience Joy intensive come untied self-esteem but limited time she is offering a free confidence jumpstart section 14 days by visiting the website Minds renewal again mind renewal<br> no I would like to welcome to the studio Janika klingberg who will be taking the Talking Stick today welcomed stage Annika yes hi how are you I am good I'm good how are you very good thank you thanks for having me my pleasure my pleasure tell us a bit about yourself and your business okay I'll try to make a long story a little bit shorter but pretty much my background I I grew up in Sweden so I'm half Swedish half tie my mom is from Thailand and grew up in Sweden and then when I was fairly y'all and your teenager move to London and then I started working in hospitality and the yoga in modeling industry for many years and from there I transition into the yoga industry so<br> with the yellow guy started my journey in India when I started my first yoga teacher training and then I started training all around the world and the yoga practiced excuse me science again after a while and so I ended up moving to Thailand to Bangkok where I started working teaching yoga and then I moved to one of the islands called company on so I lived out in the jungle for a couple of months where I continue working as a residential yoga teacher at the wellness center called the Centre and where I also started my journey as a Healer and let my practice as a cheetah song practitioner so I was offering chili song and yoga full time in Thailand for many years and that I've worked at set<br> Wellness detox centers I thought her places around the world as well and from there I ended up moving to LA and here in La now I'm working full-time as a teacher teaching public process online classes private classes and I'm a Healer and offering Chena sighing and Reiki and yes it is also working for this company called true naked yoga is Yoga Consulting and head instructor<br> that is fascinating tell me a little bit for about who you're healing modalities because I don't wreck it is quite commonplace to explain a little bit more and then we have the right key which is vital life-force energy and that she needs to I started its can you bake in Asia it's the guy called message Tina who invented the system and its basic that's how we stopped Domino massage body translate working their energy after Oregon's so releasing any stagnation starts talking now organs when we have sinus energy in a body that's not moving we start to have all kinds of physical illness has some issues but digestive issues we start to feel depressed and anxious and the all kind of gets talking about organs so what I do and<br> call it is a type of Applied she come so she calling is stuck at a type of Tai Chi and as soon as she called it and she calling it becomes medical so when me and not working on the clients I'm giving them a physical abdominal release but I'm also working on channeling energy entry to the organs so I'm getting helping them to you move all of that stagnation stagnant energy. Stuck in their organs so they can submit a new Fresh energy can flow into their body and they can start to heal the American monster myself so I'm intrigued and I must look it up definitely absolutely because the working with the life force is so essential the chakra Reiki chakra dancing practitioner is so I know exactly what you mean when you say about that this doesn't energy can cause<br> illness and disease in the body so yeah any form of treatment that can actually release the energy is good I've never heard of this one before but I'm definitely going to look yeah it is powerful because we are<br> I feel like if we not digesting are emotional side it's where our emotions properly it's really hard to digest the rest of the food and stuff that goes into the abdominal area so a lot of people who are stressed and anxious tend to have a lot of digestive issues and it's normally comes from the results of emotional digestion so we're not. So it's already too chewed and if you do in your body<br> absolutely actually is the story behind your business what you do why does it lie to our<br> oh so many I mean I guess a lot of healers in a yoga teachers we come from a background of some type of event that happened in your life that leading us to a call we wanted to try and try to come out of the darkness somehow so for me I had a pretty rough childhood growing up and I was working in the hospitality in the modeling industry for a long time and I was in a very dark place very very depressed birthday not in a good place and I my first yoga class that I took it really hard to explain but I've never felt as much as I felt in that class and I just fell straight away this is what I need to do this is what I want to do full-time so I started practicing twice a day almost twice a day everyday and starting my training so I just realized I don't need alcohol or drugs to feel hi this is all I need is like working<br> body breathing and moving getting to a suppressed by alcohol and drugs my whole life so now I'm discovering this whole new way of feeling way better by just moving my body and so. It's something that's feeling is something that I want everyone to be able to feel cuz I know how it feels to be in a state of stress that depressed anxious I come from a family with the back turn off depression so I might have found my purpose I really want to educate people and help them you know and so did not the main reason why I do it because I know how amazing it is and I want everyone to and it's something that everyone can feel we all have the tools with him to bring it out<br> explain how when I'm practicing my cell so absolutely you don't need drugs you don't need alcohol you just need you just need rock and roll because that's my thing you get on music and movement and I always say one of the things that we all should be doing is meditate and it doesn't mean you have to sit down inside and some not moved it can be used to find your station YouTube walking dancing breathing wrestler if there's so many different tools about a meditation people's like I don't know if I can think for 5-10 minutes to<br> I don't think they do that I might be five minutes but I have so many other tools that makes that is my meditation you know I always love to go back to shop for dancing which is moving meditation and I always tell my clients exactly that you don't have to sit cross-legged in a room full of incense is not necessary meditation is not about that exactly<br> what you do then to relax I mean obviously in your business you are working with all these modalities to relax other people but what do you do to relax in your spare time and what are your passions and hobbies except doing tons of yogurt which is my daily practice I do rock climbing and I do a lot of hiking in nature so that's my main things and I tried to take one day off a week way I do nothing and it sweetheart. I just the timer I just spend time with my dog is too thin to park and go and grab a coffee I go on to the spa talk to me being a workaholic a little bit it's also very it's a good practice to just take one day off and just do not say my type of relaxation for sure but I am<br> apps to move so being a nature rock climbing big box and moving is so relaxing for me as a person I've got this terrible fear of heights. It looks so amazing to see how the guys doing it it really is good only thing you can think about is surviving like you have to be aware of how you moving how you breathing techniques do you don't think about anything else except what you doing that moment and it's the same thing with the yoga practice I find it brings you into the present moment because it becomes a little bit of survival when you're especially when you're beginning your life what am I doing what am I feeling this way was why am I so tight and perfect really<br> what's your biggest dream in life said have you got any items on your bucket list other complete non-negotiables you have to do them before you leave this planet one day<br> Travelers so for me it's just seeing as many countries and experience as many cultures as possible and I think this is the first time I mean one country for this long as I have been hearing in the US after five years but I'm feeling the urge to continuing traveling so I want to do as many countries traveled to many countries as possible before I die so if you have to pick so your top free what would be your top three countries<br> I haven't been to Costa Rica would love to go and Japan love later on my list as well as I need to see Machu Picchu I know and I know so many people have been there so it's not that far so I want to see it is over I think I'll end up traveling more about you always almost feels like I just don't want to go through all of the hospital to travel for you but you are by me through the other side of the world for me so it's still probably a way of especially with how things are at the moment but it's definitely on the bucket list is soham<br> if you have one wish to change the world for the better what would that be the younger generation implementing that in school in the teaching teaching to mindfulness and meditation I think that would be a big step up it's important to get the younger generation after is a new way in a better way very young age should be a part of their daily practice in school and so many kids and I think they are so I think we need to start with them<br> absolutely I do really believe it or not because I'm a follower of the children's fire which is an American idea that you know what you should do it in such a way that it does not harm the children of this Earth for many generations to come and I think that is an important way of living and if we want to get out of this mess. The planet isn't at the moment the children are the way for the children are the future and we have to light the way for them<br> absolutely yeah totally somewhere then tell me if it's more<br> about where the listeners can find you and what is the best way of connecting with you do you have any social media with people can get in touch on website I'm working for this company called true naked yoga and it's video about improving positive body image and we have created a lot of condom and videos and it encourages people to practice at home naked with this videos and self-acceptance and I appreciate you can help discover new ways of looking at your body and also to inspire you to take pride and pleasure in your unique form and capabilities to teach your teach you to embrace your inspections and how to open your heart so beautiful practice and I would love to you<br> it's something we've been working on for a couple of years and I basically creates their yoga sequences for the Easter programs and it's something you can do to comfort of your own home so I would love to go and check that out and they are called trunaked and if you want to find me read a little bit more about my healing that I do to change the song into your the word my website is called Tri flow so chori slow healing. Calm and my Instagram handle is yoga and an ICA yoga Miguel in one word<br> thank you genica it was a pleasure talking to you today in the studio and it was really interesting and I hope I will listen to this sound a lot of value in what you tell them because it was amazing speaking to you and thank you for coming to the studio today thank you for having me thank you so much you're very welcome thank you bye bye<br> you are listening to the radio show on CBS radio station on with your host<br> do you feel anxious for professional women and survivors of Troy, who wants to feel confident and happy with the family work and social life without the worry and anxiety holding back the transformation programme will teach you how to experience joint intensive come untied self-esteem but limited time she is offering a free confidence jump start session play Fortune Days by visiting the website Minds renewal against the website mind renewal<br> thank you once again Janika for the lovely talk in the studio and it's time now to move on to the music Spotlight and today in the music Spotlight we have Sean Harvey Show mr. His purchase singer-songwriter guitarist multi-instrumentalist and producer who has a large International fan base and is equally well respected position amongst all the musicians throughout the world for over a decade has written and recorded pop rock and blues and I swept the great number of influential names<br> Plymouth England Chao group in a small tin mining town in Rural King will surrounded by the sounds of the seventies a love for music with transferring his own music to this day you started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 13 and since then has developed his own distinctive style taking his inspiration from his own early musical influences and adding a lot of himself to each of his songs and recordings the results I'm sure you will agree is a fresh and exciting new sound and recreating the 1950s rock and roll in the 2006 live performances have been described as electrifying and I'll say many still the best way to witness is true musical Talent as a singer and guitarist<br> from you spend on the road and get the length and width of the UK and Europe ever since he was aged 14 years turned him into one of the most exciting performance around today caption performing live and you will catch him in his element<br> and today we are very lucky for him to be playing the song for us called thinking it over<br> I am sure great to be on the show here I know I'm from the UK and then hopefully you enjoy some rock and roll with the track thinking it over<br> Village Green<br> the singing over there<br> for professional women as survivors of trauma who want to feel confident and happy with the family and social life without the worry and anxiety holding back Information Program will teach you how to experience joy and sense of calm anti self-esteem offering a free confidence jumpstart session play me a spot within 14 days by visiting the website Minds renewal against the website mind renewal<br> alright so just before the commercial you were listening to Shawn Harvey was thinking it over and if you want to find his music and listen to more you can go to does s h a w n s h o v e shown this truck was just a shameful plug because that is yours truly on base and backing vocals and it's one of the songs from a robot show on Harvey mp-57 song be in my other half hubby and then we have been doing music together for almost thirty years now and I decide what's the good of having the radio show she comes around from time to time so I love this track and it's been one of the most well-received whatever<br> what it is even been covered by a famous artist even a cruise in Norway and has been released on Warner Brothers so it's a truck I'm really really proud of and I love playing it I love hearing it<br> yes so this is almost the end of the show that went first. My fast so I want to talk to you about just to wrap things up about the importance of tapping into your in a hippie A hippie is a free teenage feeling before life got serious and you know when life seems a bit flat our daily jobs in datacron just getting his thumb is so important to think back to that time when you just lift for the moment hotspot think back to the very first gate you ever went to without your parents think he'll free you want spell and that's the in a hippie and if you could find a way of tapping into the every single day then life will be so much more joyful so much more happy for you<br> and that is exactly what the women have done in my upcoming book strong and free because I also on the Publishing House code in a hippie Brooks we're at the moment I'm compiling and multi-author book with the stories of 20 amazing women that put inspiring stories to tell of how they broke up with society's expectations and how they are now living true and happy and fulfilled life and all of them have got that one thing in common.<br> at some point the realize how to topic into the joyful feeling of being useful when young at heart and if you have an inspiring story to tell please go to and I want to hear from you because there are still a few spots available in the upcoming book strong and free so I want to leave you with a little tip every weekend on the little tip how to tap into your inner hip pain today to mindfulness mindfulness through creating<br> just create a piece of poetry or writing because the creation process is when we started going inside also staying in the moment if we talked earlier about the Jonica just focusing on the here is now experiment with any form of creative expression that you prefer and then sit down at least 10 pennies everything stop creating your art it doesn't matter if you stop drawing and it turns out to be Stickman you're not trying to be the next Picasso here you are expressing yourself and spending some time doing something you truly love and in that time you don't think about nothing else<br> and it's in those moments stuff you can really really reconnect to ourselves find a henna hippie and find a True North in life and where we want to go with it and how to make sense of a dome and you never know you might even discover a new Talent along the way it might turn out that but even if you're not about to do it for your own pleasure do it because you want to do it just to release you in a hippie and I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful week ahead see you again this time next Monday 1 p.m. CT 7 p.m. UK time by thank you for listening radio show on PBS radio station going with your health cookie Harvey<br> lie again next week same place same time Mondays at 1 p.m. CT<br>

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