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Inner Hippie Club, September 27, 2021

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Inner Hippie Club
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with Annette Maria, Elisa Palma-Hancock and Martin Davies

In the debut episode of the Inner Hippie Club Radio Show, your host Silke Harvey welcomes to the studio:

Annette Maria talks about rebirth in Fireside Stories

Elisa Palma-Hancock takes the Talking Stick and gives us a glimpse into her world

Martin Davies delights listeners on Music Spotlight

Guest, Annette Maria

Guest Name
Annette Maria
Guest Occupation
Sanctuary Publishing, Intuitive Facilitator of Healing, Best Selling Author, Sacred Dance Podcast
Guest Biography

Annette Maria is Founder of Sanctuary Publishing, Intuitive Facilitator of Healing, Best Selling Author & Host of Sacred Dance Podcast. Through Sanctuary Publishing she merges healing with publishing. She works with soul-led entrepreneurs who are ready to be authentically seen for their medicine whether it is through publishing their story or refining their mission. Annette’s vision is to see the planet as a place that supports each individual in feeling wildly expressed while living out their soul’s purpose.

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Sacred Dance Podcast:

Guest, Elisa Palma-Hancock

Guest Name
Elisa Palma-Hancock
Guest Occupation
Holistic Healer
Guest Biography

Elisa Palma-Hancock's biggest passions have always been art and all things metaphysics. Her natural intuitive gifts developed early within a like-minded family: her beloved Grandma taught her to read cards when she was a teen. She dedicated her younger years to theatre, music and exploring different disciplines, from Astrology to Reiki, always looking for the answer to the eternal question: what’s my purpose? 

After an awakening experience, she answered the call to do more of what she'd been doing all along: being a channel for Love, Positivity, and Spirit.
She further trained in life coaching, Akashic Records consulting and hypnosis, while healing herself from the many layers of negative beliefs and conditioning.
She now helps people transform their own inner blocks into clarity, confidence and self-love, and live purposefully both life and business.

Native Italian, she relocated to the U.S. some years ago and loves to share her time between the two worlds.  

IG handle: @hearten.soul

Guest, Martin Davies

Guest Name
Martin Davies
Guest Occupation
Singer, songwriter, bass player
Guest Biography

Hi everyone. I’ve been playing Bass guitar since I was 17..some 5 years ago now ( Ok..dream on Martin ..)

I got into Bass after having an acoustic guitar for about a year but realizing I’d never be as good as I hoped, though I still play 6 string electric and acoustic for my own pleasure at home.

My childhood heroes were the usual Glam Rock and pop acts of the 70’s as seen on Top of the Pops every Thursday, but in my mid teens I really got into 60’s music and 50’s Rock n Roll.

I adored The Beatles and being a left handed guitarist  my idol was Paul McCartney, so I decided to get a Bass.

I managed to get a decent left handed one, but struggled with theory and music books and after about 6 months I was getting no joy or pleasure from playing and sold it back to the same music shop I had bought it from. About a week later I regretted it and promptly bought it back.

This time I concentrated on combining what music knowledge I’d gained from learning acoustic guitar, and then matching it with what a bass actually did and how it worked with drums and melody and rhythm and just started playing along to early Beatles records.

Once I’d discovered how a walking bassline works in Rock n Roll, I was playing along with as many records I could lay my hands on . This time I actually had fun instead of sat around in an empty bedroom trying to work out incomprehensible theory and being baffled by tutor books that were way above my head.

The first songs I ever mastered were From me to You and Heartbreak Hotel...Not bad choices eh?  Once I understood how and why the bass was doing what it was doing, I was away and discovered I could actually play.

In my very late teens, I was obsessed with joining a band, and a long long journey began. 

I was in quite a few original ‘ Indie ‘ type bands as we all kept up the dream of trying to get a record deal, it never happened, but I had loads of fun and learned so much about how bands work, gigging experience, what works and what doesn’t.

I can’t remember how many gigs or bands I was in during my Twenties. But it was a lot, the friendships I made then lead to me being introduced to Colin in 1995 and our first tentative rehearsals.

I immediately knew this was a band that was not only great fun but had a no nonsense attitude to getting things right and it was clear that with a frontman like Colin, this was going to be a far bigger commitment and experience than the bands I’d previously been in.

And so it proved to be for many years.  I had the greatest time ever, travelling the absolute length and breadth of the UK every weekend, playing gigs and to audiences I’d never dreamed of before, having lots of laughs and making life long friends.

I’m so glad the band is back and up and running again and it feels right that we grow old disgracefully together where we belong...On stage!

I’ve had the pleasure of being in one of the resident bands at the Cavern Club for the last eleven years too and until the Pandemic I was busier than I’ve ever been as a working musician. I really hope those days return again soon.

I guess I’ve played over 3,500 gigs in my time … A heck of a lot and though they’re all just a blur, hopefully many many more still to come.

I also started a Jam session/recording band with friends and past Persuaders called The Dominators. We recorded an album called Maximum Rock 'n' Roll. It was received very well by the Rock 'n' Roll DJ's both on the circuit and radio. Here is a link to the album... Enjoy   The Dominators - Maximum Rock 'n' Roll 

I’ve been extremely lucky to play in many countries, both with Colin and the Cavern band, Liverpool Beat ..The ones I can remember.... The USA, Bahrain, Norway, Greece, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Belgium...erm.. Wales.

I’ve also been lucky to play bass for a lot of famous singers and musicians, but by far the biggest thrill and the nicest man I’ve ever met was to be in James Burton’s band for one night a few years ago. What an absolute gentleman he is.

My music tastes are so varied these days . I try to listen to as much new music as I can, but my heart will always be in Rock n Roll. I think it’s what I do best as a bass player. I love writing songs, have a small studio at home. But my heart is in live music. Let’s bring it back soon with Colin and the lads.


Inner Hippie Club

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The Inner Hippie Club is a virtual meeting place for listeners who want to release and nurture their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious - an eclectic mix of talk shows and music.

Each week, Silke Harvey, your host, talks about what it takes to be a truly carefree and happy Inner Hippie and invites inspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to her virtual fireside in "Fireside Stories".

They tell you how they've broken up with society's expectations and are leading their dream lives. Their stories are powerful. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. They'll make you grateful to be alive in these amazing times where women all over the world are rising up to reclaim their rightful places in society as thought leaders, visionaries, and storytellers.

Guests from all walks of life take the Talking Stick and tell the listeners a bit about themselves, their business and/or their cause. Get inspired, get tips, tricks, and advice that can help you to live like the true Inner Hippie you know deep down you are.

But of course, no Inner Hippie can ever be complete without music! After all, music is food for the soul!

Each week is rounded off with the "Music Spotlight" where talented indie musicians delight listeners with their great tunes.

So come on over and join the Inner Hippie Club for thoughtful discussion, fun, and laughter. Phoning in and participating is highly encouraged on this show!

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

play Big Club radio show on PBS radio station bond with the silky Harvey every Monday at 1 p.m.<br> welcome welcome welcome everybody to the in a hippie Club radio show I am so excited this is the first time in years of going out on radio and such a great feeling to be live to be out there and to be connecting with people all over the world and I'm really excited and we've got so much good stuff coming up in the studio today we've got Annette Maria she's the founder of Centre publishing intuitive facilitated feeling best-selling author and the house of the Sacred dance podcast and she'll be talking to us in Fireside stories and tell us a story about Eliza, Hancock she's a holistic healer and a channel for love positivity and spirit trained and life coaching akashic records Consulting and hypnosis and she takes the to King state where she will tell us more about herself and her work<br> how to round everything off we have got Martin Davis he's a singer-songwriter and bass player from Manchester UK and he takes the music Spotlight with his June maximum rock and roll so we've got the good stuff coming up and because this is the very first time in a hippie radio show has gone on with the first free people who phone into the studio tonight and leave the name and address and email will win a $5 Amazon pouch for $5 you can buy a house of good books I'll be leaving also a recommendation list of reading and it'll be brilliant lots of inspirational stuff you can get for the in a hippie Club radio show<br> yes I'll tell you a bit about and I hit pick you up. So my little baby I've been developing over the last year on the Internet it's the place where I help women respond to in a hypocrite to release it and a hippie and feeling before life got serious because I can focus on down sometimes and it can be so sticky and so messy and so heavy it's important that we always like find the light side of life of me remember how to laugh out to have fun so we can find our purpose in life and that's the address to in the hippie club and now I'm taking the show on the road and I will be interviewing inspirational people who can<br> tell you how to find you in a hippie how can help you without you can help you on your way and give you inspiration and that's the whole idea of this show so really really really looking forward to my very first guests in the studio and then she will be coming up very shortly and Fireside stories on this Maria I'm just Fireside stories is all about storytelling it's a spot on the show where somebody tells you the story the innermost something profound that has happened to them something that has changed their life and in the old days women will actually the original storytellers when our ancestors were still tried sitting around the fire they used to<br> like tell each other stories inspiring each other make each other laugh make each other cry and women where the main story Terrace Park been lost over the years sadly over the Millennia and I think it's time that we go out there again and tell our stories so I will be inviting Annette Maria to our virtual Fireside here just after the commercial break<br> and the commercial will be coming up in a minute<br> what is my money<br> oh you strong and free are you living a life of your dreams after breaking up with society's expectations and do you want to tell your story to inspire other women around the world and of the same time elevate your business by becoming a best-selling author then apply to be in strong and free stories of women who are living the dream after breaking up with society's expectations that's an upcoming multi all the book Buy in a hippie books and we are still looking for amazing Women Amazing Stories know if you want a strong and free apply at ww.w. If he books don't come and become a strong and free bestselling author<br> in the studio today we have. Annette Maria she's going to join me by the Fireside and I'm really excited to hear her story is your story today is all about Reaper let's welcome our newest Maria into the studio thank you so much. Thank you for having me I'm really excited to be here and to to share my journey of rebirth and the process of rebirth that many of us may desire to be reborn again but a lot of us don't want to die right and when we want Wednesday I think about the season so maybe go from we can't have spring without winter we can't have that renewal without the death and so today I'm going to share with you a little bit about my desk my you know being dying while live is something that we all do every day right our skin shed their hair is growing and evolving<br> everything is dying and shedding it's like a snake we are shedding skin right now in the world more and more and we need to allow that to happen for this new self to emerge and I'm excited to share with you my journey which is deeply intimate to me so I held myself a death ceremony in the morning which this topic was really alive for me so what led me to this death ceremony though was a wisdom tooth that got pulled out a couple years ago actually probably back in 2017 I got another weapon to the different tooth got pulled out and in that time of my life I was highly anxiety-ridden I really couldn't even function in public I couldn't speak to people about being a pure panic I was always listening to everyone else around me when I internally knew what I wanted to do but it didn't make sense how I could live the life I<br> wanted because all I heard was everyone else's pressure is all I heard was everyone else is all you should do this or you should be this so you know you should go to school here and do that and I never really was my own inner knowing is so I went through this process of defining who am I what is my voice what do I want to do and that happened after me getting fired also for my first like whole time job out of college and Corporate America and then left Corporate America after 1 year that was about it for me and you know that tooth getting pulled out was there is a release of who I was right that person that just followed everyone else's stories everyone else has passed and then along the process of this medical Journey with the tooth been all the there is many complications around that I ended up having to pull the the wisdom tooth behind it to let the implant fit<br> and I knew I rescheduled this wisdom tooth appointment probably six times because I knew that this tooth getting pulled out was a signal for something greater it was a signal for a rebirth of myself that I wasn't ready for so I reschedule that appointment over and over and over again and in that process I was also shedding more and more layers right so we're always constantly going through a desk but I feel like now I really close the chapter in a way really turning outward and you know I was still when I found my voice I honed in on who I was but then I still was<br> it's leaking externally I was still like oh maybe they know what's right for me and then I start to work in my own business and I start to evolve and grow and do more healing work in the publishing working all the juicy magic but I still was looking outside of myself I was going to maybe that coach will know maybe that meant we will know maybe that healer will tell me what I should do who I should be maybe they know right because that's how I operate it for most of my life and that's how many of us operate and in that journey is when I I realized this past year I made a promise to myself I wouldn't hire any more mentors or or healers in a way of speaking of Odell know they'll know what's best for me and it made me really hone in deeper and deeper and deeper into who I was in that process who I<br> who my voice was how I was meant to operate in this world and I feel like I'm now starting to more and more hone in on that trust that and to really listen to her listen to my higher self to where I'm being guided to go rather than someone telling me Oh but you need to do this to be successful you need to get to do this to make money whatever it is<br> so now there was another shedding when this last to Melissa of the final tooth got pulled last week and I was sitting in the dentist chair and I felt like a new woman when I've gone to the dentist I'm usually again my anxiety is usually through the roof I'm shaking I can't function I'm just constantly thinking I don't know what if I stayed with her passed out why can't do this the dentist has to like calm me down you know it's the whole of it I'm just really not okay and then I was sitting in the dentist chair and I looked at the dentist with me for you know long time with this whole process and I go I feel completely calm right now I I was like I don't know who I am right now I was like you know my old identity was a woman that every time she went to a medical setting or at the dentist you know she's receiving a surgery or something I would be freaking out and in that moment<br> I chew and iced out this recoding of my whole being and as I was sitting there I was like this feels like a lot more than just a tooth getting pulled out and it was just a really beautiful confirmation of all the work that I've done of listening to myself of finding safety going to my nervous system and really honoring who I was time and time again right there many layers to death are many layers to the shedding and this was another layer to it deeper Trust of the nail and them being called deeper and deeper to go in order to cultivate that sense of connection to myself to the Earth<br> the cycles of it all and this and then after the tooth got released and pulled out I asked the dentist can I have that to you and how to look at what are you going to do with it like a necklace use to drill a hole in it. That weird I'm actually going to bury it and have a little ceremony with it so I don't know if you thought that was weird Arrow I don't even really in the car but I got the beautiful Tuesday and I started on my Altar for the whole week of my healing and healing was really sticky because I just had all come up there this desire to grip this person that always wants to know what's happening that wants to control and all that was rising to the surface so that was the juiciness that I was sitting in last week and today I had a whole ceremony around releasing the<br> call in a deeper way right now we'll just we'll let go here and there but this is a massive sense of releasing the need to control and to know and to take a different look at the unknown and that's where my rebirth is being called too and in that process and I had a beautiful ceremony of cleansing of a tooth that got pulled and then I buried it into the dirt and I place the flower upon it and I know I said thank you to my password and I myself I wrote a list of who I was releasing what I was releasing and I lit it on fire I cried I laughed I was okay now now who I am now who am I right and before we go into the rebirth right before we go into the excitement of feeling with lightness now that I can feel my body this sense of emergence the sense of munis that is coming through<br> I had to sit in the depths of it I had to sit in the depths of the sticky clay of the earth and be in the areas of cursing the Divine and wanting to know what's happening and screaming and punching and stealing and crying and being frustrated and all of it right we can't enough to be a rebirth feels like an exciting and we want to get there and often times will avoid getting there cuz we don't want to feel and when we die we feel so so deeply because we are losing aspects of our identity aspects of who we are who we thought we were who everyone else around us thinks who everyone else around us thinks we are right we are losing that identity and it's a sense there's grease there's morning their status there's excitement it's just like as if someone was physically dying in the Earth right I'm not in the Earth from the Earth<br> they were if they were just physically dying we would have to treat me if the tree are dust the same as we do a death of a loved one because in a sense it is a death of a loved one because it's a death of who we were and you know that once you leave that person behind that you're not going to go back there because your subconscious your whole body you're being just can't fit back into that box right it's like you outgrown it and now you can't fit yourself back in so now we get to go into the juiciness of the rebirth and again this could happen on a month-to-month basis dinner with our New Moon full moon cycles we can honor the sense of releasing and harnessing a new or can happen in major areas of our life whether they like chapters and things changing and growing so these are happening at a micro and macro level in all areas of our life and<br> it's really tuning in deeper and deeper into our cyclical nature which allows us to honor our rebirth that allows us to honor who we are being called to become and it with that I think you know if you've always been speaking outwardly and looking for a maybe that person knows what's best for this that I might you to turn towards nature right because nature will be our greatest teacher in the process of being reborn because we can watch nature die and be reborn day in and day out there here in America we have these bugs called cicadas and they are these<br> they're honestly really gross-looking but they're like these little alien type things and they they have this really hard shell and then when they're ready kind of like a butterfly but they leave their shell behind right so you'll find these empty shells and when they're ready to leave they grow into this kind of moss like energy and they they leave their shell behind and that's what's happening in the process of the reaper but before you know you can just by studying Nature by studying No butterflies cicadas or any snakes write the shedding by studying these animals seeing how they maneuver they don't stink and they don't grip. Don't know I need that she'll but that's shell was my home for so long maybe I should keep it maybe I'll put on my wing and fly away right now they graciously leave that she'll behind and they just keep going all right and if we look at nature as our greatest teacher as our healer as our mint<br> work we will learn more about ourselves than any other human can really teach us because no one can really teach us a thing about us we are just there just mirrors back to who we are and nature is who we are right so it's our own personal mirror so if you are in the process of feeling like things are crumbling that you are kind of losing your identity and your ex who am I what is happening you know when you're like in this chaos and you're facing the sense of unknown and you're like I just don't know what is front of me I can't see it maybe if I figure it out I'll get there I'll understand if you feel that urgency within you and if you feel like the unknown is like super scary I invite you to you know imagine as if you look on a cliff and you know you can look out at the cliff and just you cure Darkness does nighttime right you would just be pure darkness in Abyss new just bug will what is<br> no scary you know it's just depth and ducks ducks ducks that I invite you to shine you know the light of your heart on that darkness and you'll see that there is a golden thread woven by the Divine that is there to catch you right so if we open our hearts up and we open up to the possibility of who we are becoming then we can really Shine the Light on the fact that we're always supported that in the process of the shedding we are being guided towards something someone that were becoming that is so deeply beautiful and so far greater than we can probably even imagine for ourselves we are being guided to a space of newness that<br> we probably could have even imagined before and where I'm headed now I have no idea where I'm going often times people ask me so what's next what's the next here you know what he and I always the answer lately has been I don't know people kind of look at me like what do you mean like shouldn't you know do you know what's happening and I've just I've really been in a space of I can plan I can try and figure things out but really the plan isn't up to me right the plan is out of my control it always has been it's just was falsely in my control I thought so you know now I stepped forward looking at the unknown as a space of excitement as a face of being able to watch the seed that I've planted consciously to co-create a life that I deeply want I can watch those seeds grow rather than you know<br> pushing the soil on them and ask them to go faster I can honor the process and that is something really important in the Journey of rebirth is honoring the process on thing where you are because you don't just go from Death to being reborn and one day there is a void there is a transition there is a space where you met kind of fall back to who you were before and passed traits that you had but in those moments you choose for your becoming time in and time out right everyday choose the the woman the man the human that you want to become because eventually you'll get out of that transition eventually you'll get out of the Void but the only way out is to go through it and then when you go through it you can come into the beautiful Blossom of your rebirth and then you never know where it's going to take you and the exciting thing is<br> are we going to happen again and again and again because we're alive and we're human the word part of Nature and nature is again dying and being reborn every single day so I really invite everyone to to look at our greatest teacher it's not just a beautiful flower right study it meditate with it asking what do you have to teach me and if you've been seeing the same animals the same plant if you feel really excited about certain elements of nature those are most likely your specific teachers so you can really hone in on them and and work with them and more intimate ways weather is just having them in your house or developing a conversation with them<br> it is a a beautiful experience that you can really step into and something else I would love to share here is this past weekend actually while I was going through this whole process I had a snake show up at my front door the partners running into the house and he's like there's a snake at the front door and I was like are they are they're coming for me I understand the process of being snakes have been coming up for me a lot this past summer and then the snake came into the house and that is when I was like all right you are really trying to talk to me and I am going to stop avoiding you right just sometimes when we need to have these teachers write for me one of my power animals of the snake and I have been avoiding her medicine for months on end because I wanted to grip on to the unknown and snakes they live for the unknown they're just shedding and moving and they're they're really deep into the<br> the muddiness right when you see a snake you don't know where they're going to go and they're just they have this sense of fluidity right and you know so sometimes we have played our teachers they will show up literally at our door you know and it's better to work with them rather than some people might get some people might get bit by their by their teachers some people make me no experience other things so if we open up our hearts and see what's around us and stop having to figure everything out and just see where we are being guided and pulled to and who is there to teach us along the way will be reborn again in a way that feels more deeply embodied and centered and present that ever before because we want to be reborn to feel more present I think right we want to feel like we are deeper and deeper here for a reason so I'll allow your reason<br> should be known through the teachers that you have around you and thank you so so much for having me here today to be able to chat and to really you know Riff on this process of being reborn again and if you're afraid of the desk<br> that's okay but allow it to come right allow it to shed<br> go on BBS radio station on with your host turkey Hobbit<br> so I'm not I know that you're also an intuitive facilitator of healing and a somatic God and also the founder of Centre publishing tell me more about that you still in my work you know I multi-faceted a multi-pack Schmidt that's why I do healing work in publishing work and the purpose really behind my work is to make every you know to allow each person that I touch to feel while the Express in their life and their business so I work with leaders conscious leaders who are here to make a massive difference on this Earth they are here cuz they know they are meant to lead whether you want to clean it like the new Earth Energy they know that there are here to lead a new way so in my healing work as an intuitive still Peter feeling as well as a systematic guide I used them out of healing which is Movement Dance therapy as the main modality to really drop you into the body and into your sensor connection<br> to move through past traumas and beliefs to really Rico to your becoming and then along the way I have other juicy modalities where I bring into that words energy healing Channel activation meditation rituals are all of that comes into the play and that is for the leaders who want to step into the next level who want to really honor themselves to honor their self trust to know that their intuition is their greatest business tool that's my healing work and then instead of published inside of sanctuary publishing I've really merged healing and Publishing together so here is where I show showcase leaders who are making a difference so I have multi off their books so author as well as Oracle Oracle and tarot card creation that I do through Sanctuary publishing and this is a beautiful way to be more seen right it's a beautiful<br> way to really go out into the world and say this is me and this is what I do so that is the work that I do through think straight publishing if you want to connect with me whether it's for healing work or for the publishing work that I do you can go to Annette Maria. Org and right there you'll have all the information about me and my work and my services and you can just drop me an e-mail straight away from there and we can chat about that see how I can support you in the journey and beautiful and everybody who wants to get back in touch with all the details on the main radio show page and you can just go there and follow the links<br> easy money<br> oh you strong and free are you living a life of your dreams after breaking up with society's expectations and do you want to tell your story to inspire other women around the world at the same time elevate your business by becoming a best-selling author then apply to be in strong and free stories of women who are living the dream after breaking up with society's expectations that's an upcoming multi all the book Buy in a hippie books and we are still looking for an amazing Women Amazing Stories know if you want strong and free apply at ww.w dump in a hippie books don't come and become a strong and free best-selling author<br> we are now coming to the part of the show that is cooled the choking stick or the Talking Stick is something our ancestors used when they were sitting around the fire telling each other stories it was literally a wooden stick that would be passed down from speaker to speaker and ask you were holding the stick it was your turn to speak so I'm now passing on the Talking Stick today Eliza, Hancock<br> it's so lovely having you here to listen us a little bit about yourself and your business yes so I'm Italian so I do have an accent if you're wanting us for almost seven years now and meet Ali-A and<br> it's<br> let's see I am an intuitive I do healing I work with your cash and crackers I actually use it like a variety of tools and my main Outlet a Amy's ready to help people come from their inner blocks and<br> what cuz I had to go through<br> like my own healing process that got triggered by a very very stubborn event at one point we will we can talk about that of course and so you really what I do really comes from wanting to help people basically go over to come there on it in their obstacles and especially the things the like he did ideas and beliefs and at the same that are preventing them to really be can anybody their true selves as much as possible which is a work-in-progress meaning that you know you started and is now that it's done in one month or three months or whatever but at least you know like if you clear some of those blockages and like totally if it gets easier and better and in life really starts to respond to you in a different way<br> how do you serve your customers what's the process protect them from<br> yes that is one of the things I do is I said like I use a variety of tools and I use on all of them very much into Italy meaning that so I was Raising you and I come from a family of mostly women and that are very very much to Indian and an intuitive themselves and so my grandma used to like she taught me how to record when I was basically a teenager so I grew up in this environment where everything that is insane it is is activated and I know that anyway right business like energy whatever that is and so<br> this is been a trade of mine and it's something that I use a lot in my work with my clients because it's really like a semi like receiving information about where the person is that when we're working together and that helps me to pick the right to at any moment and and what I do is I do I use coaching as well but I will still do hypnosis so I do work on your past life regression so everything that really helps the person next to us it's subconscious or be able to release the insurance form their own issues<br> listen to the radio show on PBS radio station on with your host Pookie Hobbit<br> what's the story behind your business why do you do what you do<br> so<br> I've always been like interested and attracted by metaphysics and you know spiritual stuff since I was a kid and so it's like<br> what I do it's been with me all along still like sometimes I would have maybe strangers come up to me and ask me questions about the most random stuff and I'll come and look for my help that was always the go-to person for a lot of my friends<br> and you know that was something that would do and it was just with me but I never really considered that being my my work or you know what I would do in my life but I think that I've been troubled own along whatever place I would fall in any job Etc I just felt like I was out of place and that is a very very unpleasant feeling procedure so you kind of move from thing to thing right So eventually<br> at one point we like in my studies I finally had what with you know some people would call that Dark Night of the soul and a moment every be touched bottom of everything in my life basically started disappearing like I broke up with my boyfriend. I had a band we were making music together so that stopped there I was fired from my job it was like a whole ball of everything around me that I have been so far and I had a moment where at night especially remember that I was getting so bad that it's like phone is Split Second I thought that I was going to end everything cuz it was just too overwhelming and I remember falling asleep right after and then when I woke up this morning after then I just got the books from my mom's bookshelf cuz at that point I also had to go in back with my parents of course<br> and I said a reading it and Eve really triggered the self inquiry and I started basically pulling back together all the pieces about who I've always been and also what I was here to do and I realized that there was a lot of trauma and abuse that took me awhile to heal but I'm here and I shall say you know when you do the work at work and so as I was going through that I was realizing my own limiting beliefs that I was realizing how many people was suffering the same Pains of not believing in themselves or not knowing who they really are giving out of place<br> I really feeling like they didn't have a clear direction or even you know what they what they call the purpose it was a Natural Evolution I would take out what else you know my lifestyle<br> so when you're not working what are your passions and your hobbies what do you do to relax yes oh well I'm a great music and movies theaters when we used to enjoy its live right and I love nature. So right now I live in Florida we have this very beautiful beaches and you know like so green water of the ocean it's such an healing place so that is really like my go to space to recharge my batteries and yet to feel like in a whole again. My name my main go to places and things to do and of course I have a 10 years old daughter so you know that's always challenging games<br> exactly yes it's that easy self is a process that the process of like self-healing and you know know when getting to know yourself<br> so what is your biggest dream in life<br> which item on your bucket list is a non-negotiable<br> I think probably traveling so this is being a bit a bit challenging I think when I started doing it with a little bit of consistency it's just so enriching and so beautiful and that is something that if I could never ever take it out of that bucket list ever specially for US Traveler's yeah it is<br> if you had one wish to change the world for the better<br> considering what I'm learning every day<br> I guess that you know when we can maybe can colors like it<br> I would say more expanding Awakening of Consciousness that you know people<br> it was easier for people to really see and feel and perceive themselves more than just their day-to-day life and all the problems that are coloring and making that life you know so challenging and Less Pleasant and you know kind of making it difficult to feel that there is so much more right and that expansion that awareness<br> I think that it would really be able to stop a lot of what is going on right now to see the bigger picture<br> yes exactly exactly and procedure self not just as you know like this person going through a series of challenges but really like you know light and and you know something bigger cheerleading gain experience for certain reasons right and it's a complex it's a complex Journey but like the more you you can see the big picture of it saying in the more I really like it stops becoming like a mini centered kind of bleeding and it just expands and I think this is a way probably I don't know how easy it is for that to happen but that would be like the best way probably to solve a lot of what we're going through and totally convinced of that lovely talking to you but just before you go where can I listen to find you if I want to reach out to you and how you can help them so I do have a website<br> follow my full name so Eliza ball myhancock which is kind of a mouthful or especially that's my heart and soul Austin. So and those are definitely like the easiest way to get in touch with me and you can also like to read more about my work at what I do<br> and yeah but thank you a lots of once again for being in the studio today I'll be leaving all this information on the show page as well so any listener wanting to get in touch with a second just look around it was a pleasure having you in the studio today thank you thank you so much thanks<br> who's my money<br> oh you strong and free are you living a life of your dreams after breaking up with society's expectations and do you want to tell your story to inspire other women around the world at the same time elevate your business by becoming a best-selling author then apply to be in strong and free stories of women who are living the dream after breaking up with society's expectations that's an upcoming multi all the book Buy in a hippie books and we are still looking for amazing Women Amazing Stories know you are strong and free apply at and become a strong and three best selling author<br> those four Beautiful Stories and so touching and so deep.<br> Public opinion in the hippie as well as going deep is to have fun so no in a hippie show would be complete without music so we're getting onto the music Spotlight now and I'm really really happy to introduce to today Mountain Davis he's a great singer songwriter and bass player from Manchester in the UK he started playing the bass age 72 hours to switch to the instrument because of his love for the Beatles and in particular for Paul McCartney he has played the many Indie bands over the years but a turning point came when he joined calling pool in the performance the songs of The Beatles with his Beatles cover band Live at the coven Club in Liverpool Martinez also played sessions for many famous singers and somehow he manages to find the time to also bright record and produces all material<br> so I know Martin for many years ago when I was a bass player myself and be crossed path many times and he's a really really talented guy and I'm so happy to have him on the show today enter<br> if you want to look him up he has to go to website ww.w. Tone records. Calm but the details will also be left on the show page took off to it but right now there's an introduction for Martin he's left us a lovely little story and after the introduction will be playing his track which he recorded for the storm to dominatus years ago it's cool maximum Rock and Roll But now over to Mountain<br> hi everyone my name is Madison Davis and I'm from Manchester England and I just like to wish Soca all the very very best with the new radio show hope you have lots and lots of sex and thank you so much play one of my songs I'm really on it and I hope you like it it's only rock and roll but we love it<br> rock and roll<br> ain't nobody want to see<br> nobody want to see<br> maximum<br> that was absolutely brilliant that was Martin Davis from Manchester UK and you can listen to his music at w w WWE retro tone records. Calm I want to remind everybody again that today because it's the very first time that we are going live there are prizes to give away for anybody who wants to call into the stew if you call him and leave your name and your email address then the first three people will win an Amazon voucher and they almost melted can be redeemed but anything you want on there and there are some brilliant brilliant Kindle books out I can give lots of recommendations for inspirational<br> just perfect so when the show has shown to us that it is so important to follow your heart and live a life is full of purpose and Alignment no matter what you<br> really matter whatever your own personal goals in life right now and I can be something entirely different to each and every person out there if it's something that makes you happy I think the old saying is really true that if you're doing something you really really love you will never work another day in your life so like I said every person needs to find out for themselves what it is. Really makes the day shine now for some people it might be something in the extreme like traveling or they have to climb Mount Everest or they have to go through challenges with people or engage in humanitarian stuff<br> but the other people is maybe something rather more simple and Monday<br> I know several ladies at our local supermarkets who are genuinely happy working on the check out because being there meeting people talking to people or it's just what makes them showing so each and every one is different that is no right and there's no wrong it doesn't have to be big small or whatever but if you live a life full of purpose and Alignment you have a beautiful day each and every single day so I would like to give my listeners to find its own way of releasing the in a hippie<br> it is important that each and every single day if you ground yourself that you feel mother earth that is such an important part of human nature of human life so the way you can ground yourself is really easy you can either go out tonight to take your shoes off walk Barefoot on the ground to actually feel mother and feel that exchange of energy between you and or if you haven't got the opportunity to do so because you're living in an urban environment or whatever you can just as easily just went down put your hands on the ground and just feel the ground in that same exchange of deep Earth Energy and if you close your eyes you can almost feel Mother Earth Gaia talking to you<br> but again if that's even a possible in your stuck in an office somewhere or in a high-rise building you can just as well just get a pot plant or a natural object like the Crystal and hold it and feel the energy because these things came from the earth they have the same energy and that is so so so beautiful<br> so if you do that every day you're already a huge step towards releasing you in a happy because being grounded is the very first thing that you need to do and if you listening next week I will give you more tips on releasing in a hippie<br> the music is well always music so I'm already looking forward immensely to next week next Monday we're going out every Monday at the same time 1 p.m. CT or 7 p.m. UK time so see you again next week<br> thank you for listening to the in a hippie Club radio show on CBS radio station on with your house AC Harvey the same place same time Mondays at 1 p.m. CT<br>

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