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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on 17 April 2020
Artist or Band Name


I’m contacting on behalf of WARD, a multi-instrumentalist from the South of Ireland, who writes, performs and produces each element of his music. He recently signed with us at Egg Twelve Records, an Independent Record Label based in Waterford, Ireland.

His debut single, “Romeo” will be released on all major streaming platforms on May 1st 2020. The track is in keeping with modern charting trends, falling somewhere between pop and hip-hop, all while maintaining the authenticity of live instrumentation and delivering a catchy hook.

We think “Romeo” would resonate well with stateside listeners, and would appreciate any airtime you could give the track greatly, if you think it is suitable and will resonate with your audience of course. Airtime in America would be extremely helpful for the artist to start making a name for himself with this single. The track adheres to FCC guidelines and is radio friendly, with a total runtime of under 3 minutes.

Please find below a link to an unlisted Youtube video containing the track, I can send a downloadable.WAV file if you want to play the single so let me know!

Many thanks,

Luke (MGMT at Egg Twelve Records)