Music Submission, Viera Motel

Artist or Band Name: 
Viera Motel

The name Viera Motel, fashioned from pink neon, flickers in the shadows of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne under the eyes of Jay Pollock (vocals/keys), Matthew Ferguson (guitar/keys), Dane Sorensen (bass) and Matt Colvin (drums). Established in late 2017, each room in Viera Motel now accommodate a number of dark but honest stories, confessed alongside imposing choruses and ear-worm riffs the likes of 90’s/00’s outfits Interpol, New Order, Joy Division, The Killers and Oasis. Also reminiscent of these influences is the high praise received for their bold presence and festival/arena potential, which aids their intent of making sure guests of Viera Motel check out with a five star experience.