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Ri Wolf
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2020 has provided a chance for resurgence in Rī Wolf’s music career. He has consistently pushed out singles every month since October and is gaining steam quickly. His soulful pop bluesy-ness has generated over 40,000+ streams collectively on multiple platforms over the last 3 months alone and has quickly garnered international support online. With new singles being released monthly, 2021 proves to be a springboard for Rī’s music career.

In 2020, Rī launched his first 2 singles “I Wish I Could” and “Better Someday” which both climbed to #1 on the Repost Exchange Pop/Rock Charts and were placed on over 40 playlists within the first month. This was soon followed by the release of “Leaving Tulsa” which hit #2 on the Hypeddit Singer/Songwriter Charts.

There is much more to come from this emerging artists so follow Rī on social media and be the first to hear about his upcoming releases!