Music Submission, Lee Rice

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Lee Rice

Hi Guys :) 

I recently completed my 500th Place Played in Chania, Crete.  I'm now recovering with friends in Scotland.  Please find attached a song I wrote in Chania, for your airplay consideration, and another recent song.
Songwriter and Street Artist from North Wales. 
I have just completed an epic 5 1/2 year journey, playing and writing my way through 500 towns and cities, in 30 countries.
It has been a truly exhausting and challenging experience, with lots of inspiration along the way.
I plan on a book about the journey "500 Places" and I have many songs to record.
It is fair to say that my life never really started until I followed my passions.
The artists that have inspired me the most are vast, with Pink Floyd being top of that list.  
Thanks a lot