Music Submission, J. W.

Artist or Band Name: 
J. W.

Hi BBS Radio!

I'm interested in connecting with your station to develop my future in music and promote my current record. I found your details on Twitter and thought it looked welcoming to say hello. I am sending you these tracks in the hope that you might play them. My name is J.W. and I am the right holder and writer of all my material. I release all the material herein under a CC license and would love it if you were to play it and add it to your bot. As far as links go, please feel free to use all of those included herein. 

Please receive my ep “Dream Songs” for addition to your playlist. The album is being made available for you by online download (see links to MP3s) and to experience live the debut single, "My Girl", via The videos have been produced to entertain the radio market in promotions and contain exciting animations.  

“Dream Songs’ was produced using analogue processes and is receiving praise for its appreciation for the Toronto folk and rock communities, and generous attention online. “My Girl” has charted to the TOP 25 on ReverbNation’s Canadian rankings in this first week and 3 in Toronto. Am glad to be making contact with you and look forward to getting to know your enterprise better and the Online Radio community!

YouTube, "My Girl", animated performances>>



J.W. is unique folk pop rock with country and hip-hop influences. "Dream Songs" is produced for the College & Online Radio markets, exclusively, and the album is fully appropriate for all ages. Your station, if participating in streaming “Dream Songs”, is licensed to repost the media hyperlinked in this email to its own digital platforms until otherwise notified. We will provide notification as to the distribution of the record “Dream Songs” when time is appropriate and shall remain in contact with your organization as further singles are introduced to air. I’ve attached an image of the album cover art for you as well.

Kind regards, and thank you so much


J. W.

+1 (647) 867-9117