Music Submission, Horra

Artist or Band Name: 

Horra is a Brooklyn-based indie art pop music ensemble that consists of three members: Margo Goldstein on guitar and lead vocals, Matthew Seneca on synth keyboard and lead vocals, and Ariel Starling on ethereal sounds and beats, along with back up vocals. Our music merges dark wave electronics, catchy hooks, and grungy rock to create a tongue in cheek, yet moody marriage of songs that provide an ironic take on love, sexual hangups, phobias, the digital world, and human relationships in general. Our main influences are Velvet Underground, Nine Inch Nails, Genesis, the Pixies, Depeche Mode, and the B52s. Our music has been included in the motion picture, Cubby, which has been screened in several theaters and festivals throughout NYC, as well as Europe and our music was featured in the trailer.

On a funny note, the band’s name originates from the fact that Margo Goldstein, who is Staten Island born, has a tendency to pronounce certain words with a slight accent. A lover of scary movies, whenever she would say the word Horror, it would always sound like Horra, which bandmate Matthew Seneca would love to tease her about, hence the name Horra was formed, as both an inside joke and a nod to their love of that movie genre.