Music Submission, Grand Guignol Diabolique

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Grand Guignol Diabolique

Grand Guignol Diabolique was born in 2008 from the ashes of a band called Beat Babol , but also collecting the legacy of another band of which Franco was the mind, namely the Bohemien Flambé . From them they inherit the French-speaking name and the desire to shout to the world their desire to live by creating, and not to live vegetating as it now seems practice. The first album is the eponymous " Grand Guignol Diabolique " (2008), available through CDBABY on numerous digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. The second "II" comes out in 2011, but like all the following productions, it's being released on Bandcamp, because when you are unknown to most people, a free platform, albeit small, is better than a giant where you are just a drop in an ocean. The third CD is an EP released in 2013 and called "Di tutte quelle morti" . In 2015 "Export Diabolique" was released , the first CD to be sung entirely in English. It gets an excellent response, but remains a cult object, not being able to count on promotion and anything else necessary. Now, 5 years after, that Franco has spent dedicating himself to many other projects whilst facing life with a hard nosed face, the brand new "LINGUA" (2020) is released, son of the pandemic, of grief and boiling blood. On August 20th the first part (Volume 1) in a CD always available on bandcamp. 6 brand new tracks that will find good company with the other 6 already in advanced processing and that will presumably come out around November 2020 in Volume 2. The main reason for the title is because it is an album that speaks several languages. In fact, Franco's Anglophone, Francophone and obviously Italic soul coexist and therefore the songs are sung some in English, some in Italian and one in French, a dutiful homage to one of his projects that had more feedback (Bohemien Flambé), at a time in which there was still a lot of interest in music and people tried to be original, not photocopies of what "works".

Grand Guignol Diabolique is a ONE MAN BAND . Franco plays it all, writes it all and sings it all (with occasional guest stars) and despite some miserably failed attempts to form a real band, there is currently no live activity. But in the future it is not said that he won't try again, even if the times are very grim.