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The Drive

“What’s the point of getting older, if you got nothing to show?” (The Drive, Feeling)

This was the idea built around the name ‘The Drive’ meaning the passion, discipline, and perseverance needed to accomplish something that would last or make its mark. So when brainstorming possible band names, two brothers from Los Angeles, decided on ‘The Drive’ as a constant reminder of the work they must put in,  Danny ( vocals, keys, guitar) and Isaac (drums/keys) formed the band in the basement of their family’s pub, where they worked. They would work on music anytime they were not in school or busing tables. It was at this pub they were given a stage and fell in love with music and performing their own original content. 

The two brothers continue to perform on stages throughout Los Angeles and all of California sharing their love for what they do. Learning new ways to make their shows the best experience for those watching which can be difficult for only two musicians and multiple instruments. The response from fans is incredible and makes them work harder to reach their goals. With over 20 original tracks on Spotify/Itunes and the release of their first ever E.P. “Training Wheels”, they continue to build their fanbase gaining loyal fans that elevate their growth. Whilst writing and producing their music, they work hard on their videos showing the creative side of their art.

Throughout their career the brothers have been blessed with great experiences like  headlining for the Mallapallooza festival in Dallas, creating an award winning music video for their song “Faithless”  (Olympus Film Festival 2019 & L.A. Film Festival 2019), and working with platinum awarded producers ( Anthony Resta). 

With sincere gratitude for the support of their family, friends, and fans they continue to grow as musicians with each new song.

The Drive is an Alt/pop/rock band with influences that stem from The Killers and U2 to the 1975 and LANY. As well as cinema scores.

The Drive

(Danny Griffin & Isaac Griffin)

We want

to say a huge thank you

to anyone who took the time 

to listen to our work. It means

the world to us…spread these songs everywhere! Thank You!