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Witches by Dai Williams & 505 Friends
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Dai Williams & 505 Friends
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I'm very pleased to be able to send you this MP3 of 'Witches' by Dai Williams & 505 Friends in advance of its release this Friday. We hope you find it worthy of some exposure - please see attached MP3 and short bio below.

Coinciding with Ostara (Spring Equinox in the Wiccan Calendar) or 19/03/21 for everyone else, Dai Williams & 505 Friends bring you the magnificent masterpiece ‘Witches’. You will be able to stream this via your preferred platform by clicking this link

This ambitious piece has been nearly a year in the making: written, recorded and produced entirely in lockdown by sharing ideas and files across multiple remote locations in Wales and Cyprus. It has been born out of a collective's desire to achieve greatness in spite of the adversity the world faces in pandemic and changing social attitudes.

Witches will have you spellbound with its dramatic orchestral sounds, enchanting harmonies, seductive hooks and mesmerising lyrics.

Our Wiccan friends need fear not, this is not intended as a call to pitchforks and burning haystacks, rather it is metaphoric with modern day 'witch hunts' maliciously manufactured by those who have control over the media for political or anarchical purposes, which, sadly, are all too often embraced by the fickle in their hoards. This is intended as a warning cry to those who would succumb to the path of least resistance to follow like sheep.

The music video pays homage to the classic silent horror movies of the 1920s and complements the song perfectly. You will be able to view this from 19/03/21 here:

Dai Williams has been in bands for the best part of his life, starting with Million Dollar Babies in the 90s. His solo work has been transformed through collaboration with a collective of 505 friends, including various members of Aubrey Straw, Sound Egg International, 505 Collective and the Hoskins Phenomenon and will be promoted via Shiny Vinyl Presents.

Other interesting facts: In his spare time Dai Williams is a butterfly collector and is very proud to have caught a black hairstreak in the golden summer of 2018. However, he has a strange fear of the colour yellow (Xanthophobia), which has restricted his collection somewhat. So much so, he has often been known to run away from Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, seeking refuge in a darkened room for a few hours afterwards.

Twitter: @dai_505