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Chuck Charles - Hiya
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Chuck Charles

Charlie Recksieck, recording under the moniker of Chuck Charles, is a piano player whose original songs are most compared to Ben Folds, Warren Zevon and They Might Be Giants - or lovingly thought of as "the stupid man's Randy Newman".

He is a co-founder and longtime member of The Bigfellas who are best known for their more humorous tunes such as "I Wish That I Were Gay", "4:20" and the world's only golf rap, "On The Green," all of which are on their schizophrenic debut CD, Chubbed Up.

Charlie is also half of the San Diego recording artists, Leaders In The Clubhouse, pioneering the genre of "fun rock" with songs like "She Gets Loud", "These Goddamn Devices" and "LawnChairs".

The whole Chuck Charles project is really more of a collective of talented San Diego musicians/friends playing music outside of Charlie's regular stints with The Bigfellas & Leaders In The Clubhouse.

Chuck Charles and Bigfellas music provided the score for the acclaimed independent documentary Don't Change The Subject and they have music placed in basic cable TV shows and provides the theme for the fantastic "Super 70s Sports Podcast" and the "Something Ventured" podcasts.

In addition to more LITC & Bigfellas music, the next projects in the hole are a collection of original music incorporating celebrity tantrums and outtakes called "If It's The Last Thing I Do" and an album covering (royalty-free) classical pieces, both coming in 2021.