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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 28 April 2021

Let's Create Magic with Christopher Gobie

LETS CREATE MAGIC......with Gobie

The Power of the Inner Self


The intention of this website is to help bring light to the invisible world or in other words into the world of creation.

Your thoughts and emotions create what life you have.

I would like to share with you the resources that have enlightened me and I hope you will find them enlightening and life changing as well.

We encourage everyone to add to this website anything they feel that would be enlightening and a help to others.

"Believing" in what you can do is an inspirational concept.

"Knowing" you can do something is a magical concept.

Believing you can move a mountain inspires you to move the mountain.

Knowing you can move a mountain moves the mountain.

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Christopher Gobie

Christopher N. Gobie
Radio Talk Show Host, Consultant

A personal half hour telephone consultation with Gobie is now available (usually there is an hour minimum).

To schedule a consultation with Gobie or to ask any general questions about consultations, please contact Gobie

Believe what you
Ask for and you will
Receive it

How to Boost Your Inner Self

Step 1

First thing you can try is making the time to sit by yourself in a quiet place. Have a notebook or something similar to jot things down as needed.

Step 2

If you prefer, have some soft music in the background. Meditation music will work just as well. Something peaceful and calming is fine.

Step 3

As you sit in a comfortable position, using the notebook and pen in hand, write down the first thing you think of. Even if it's asking yourself what in the world you are doing.

Step 4

Continue this until your mind is clear. Now look at the notebook. See everything that was in your thoughts? You should now have a clear mind to think with.

Step 5

Using a separate piece of paper describe how you see yourself, whether it be a smart person, witty or outgoing. Whatever you picture, write it down.

Step 6

Beside what you have written describing yourself, describe how you think others perceive you. Do they agree with what you see?

Step 7

Once you have done this take a long look at the differences and similarities. Does this help decipher who you are as a person inside?

Step 8

Now on a separate piece of paper write down what makes you happy in one column and what makes you sad in another.

Step 9

Now look at this list and decide if there is a way to change the things that make you sad. Are they everyday life occurrences? Or something that you imagine is beyond your control?

Step 10

Once you can determine who you think you are and who you want to be, this inner self journey will be a whole lot easier. Only you can make yourself happy; nobody else. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy.