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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 28 April 2021

Journey's with Rebecca with Rebecca Jernigan

Show Host:

 "Each person is truly an individual in their energy – it is possible to tap into that to give the person a direction to follow that is uniquely theirs.”

Blessed with the Gift to attune her inner senses to give insight into her clients (psychic) and to attune her senses to receive insight from the Spiritual realm as well (medium and channel), her readings are deeply perceptive, and many have remarked of the healing quality to her words.

A gifted Clairvoyant and Clairsentient she is an excellent channel for Spirit and an accurate medium for those who have loved ones that have crossed over.....

That her information comes from one's guardian Angels or even the brotherhood of Healers in the Spirit world is not shown by ‘change of voice or personality', but simply by her warm compassion and the wisdom and depth of the information she conveys. Known and loved for her ability to go right to the heart of one's issues, her sessions have garnered her loyal clientele from coast to coast and internationally.

Rebecca began formally developing her talents well over 15 years ago with the study of Tarot. She quickly became a featured psychic at numerous ‘Fairs' and New Age Expos. She went on to co-host “Psychic Voyages” as seen on American Cablevision which developed into her own Cable show “Psychic Impressions” and “Turn the World Around” on FM radio in Kansas City. She has taught classes in psychic development and the Tarot for many years.

Rebecca Jernigan

Rebecca Jernigan
Radio Talk Show Host, Channel/Translator for the Elohim, Psychic, Speaker, Healer, Teacher, Cook

Biography from:

Rebecca Jernigan – Channel/Translator for the Elohim, Psychic, Mother, Grandmother, Speaker, Healer, Teacher, Cook, Talk Radio Show Host – Her talents and experiences are wide and varied.

Rebecca is a natural energy sensitive possessing the unique ability to define what energy signatures are and what they go to. Her gifts of remote viewing, timeline jumping and clairvoyance combined with her experience in these and many more fields, have resulted in a unique experience for the many who have availed themselves of her services. Her experience includes everything from hosting her own television show, working with police on missing person cases and crime solving, doing readings at psychic fairs, hosting her own radio show, house clearing, developing and teaching classes on meditations and tarot, and much more.

Rebecca’s talents and experiences give her a unique perspective on life and love and what it truly means to be human. With laughter, love and an open heart, she shares the knowledge she has garnered through joy, sorrow, loss and love – from her guides, the Elohim, the guests on her shows, her children, her friends, all those she has come in contact with and the many who surround her.


Reiki Master/Teacher – Usui, Usui Tibetan, Secheim, Karuna, and Tera Mai
Clearsight Divine Healer
Touch of Grace Teacher
Reconnection Practitioner
Matrix Energetics Practitioner
Crystal Healing
Regression Hypnosis Facilitator
Energy Healer
Crystal Healing
ISPR Investigator (International Society for Paranormal Research)


Meditation – includes targeted meditations for relaxation, creating Safe Place, and more
Spirit Guide Communications
Tarot: The Intuitive Approach
Timeline Integration
Release from the Construct (De-programming)
Spirit indentification – includes of this earth and not of this earth entities

Speaker on topic such as:

Energy vortexes, grids and wormholes
What it means to be Human
The Story of Creation as channeled through the Elohim
Ghost hunting – What NOT to do
How to define ESP skills and how to use them
Most any topic as it pertains to the Paranormal/Metaphysical