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Angels Are Near Us

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Experience the wonderful messages that the Angels and Archangels give us.

Through the Angel oracle cards, I invite the Archangels and your Angels to bring messages, and I serve as an instrument to deliver the inspiration, peace and love that these celestial messengers desire for each one of us.

During the first part of the show Linda will talk about the Angels and Archangels and Celestial beings. The last 30 minutes of the show the phone lines will be open for questions and Angel readings. Call in to receive a free Angel reading when airing.

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Guest, Patricia G Joyce

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Patricia G Joyce
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Author, Screenwriter, Poet
Guest Biography

Patricia G. Joyce is a freelance writer, novelist, screenwriter, poet, song lyricist and a diverse visual artist. Author of "The Magic of Time".. a novel based on a true story, offers hope, healing insight and guidance towards a vast perspective, not only in our present time, but beyond death.  This existence we call “life” is not the end of the road for us in any way, shape or form.  There is much more to follow, just as there has been much more preceding our existence in the present lifetime.