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Born an enterprising, forward-thinking and original "Avant-Garde" female, I believe in living a mission-inspired and purposeful life!

I am passionate about inspiring women to live into their potential and elevate their confidence, especially visionary female leaders who are looking to scale up their business venture. My work is primarily with Founders, Leaders and professionals (6-figure+), and mission-inspired businesses or social enterprise groups, those who empower other women are especially exciting to work with. After serving on Boards, and as a corporate VP and Director, with 8 start-up experiences - evolution and constant expansion are keys to life being interesting and purposeful.

My expertise is with:
* Women's Growth
* Confident Conversations
* Mentorship
* Knowledge sharing through speaking, writing, radio, coaching, mentorship and women's resource groups.

Teaching women to Flourish in business is a passion. I am a Speaker, Author, Coach, and Mentorship Chair, with my book “Words, Women and Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations” coming soon (anticipated release - summer 2018), and host for the Words, Women and Wisdom Show (BBS Radio) to elevate confident living. When women elevate their confidence, are heard and valued, they make more impact, have more fun and greater success in business! Professionally I am a Certified Executive Coach, Chartered HR Professional and Reiki Practitioner, Certified in Emotional Intelligence - on the team for the Coaches Business School.

I believe...

Are you ready to elevate your confidence - you're in the right place...

Warmly, Yvonne 

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Guest, Laurie Kim Shaw

Guest Name
Laurie Kim Shaw
Guest Occupation
Program Manager & Energy Healer
Guest Biography
Laurie Shaw has spent 25 years in the IT industry in Alberta, and has worked with several well-known Canadian corporations including WestJet, CP Rail, TELUS and Shaw Communications in the capacity of Program Manager, Product Manager and Project Manager. She has a passion for women in leadership, and holds core values with a key focus to drive IT leadership for working mothers, and to drive the adoption rate for women in the IT industry in Canada. She has a keen interest in helping those whose triggers are holding them back from their potential, and has evolved her spirituality and natural gifts over many years.
Laurie began her Certification into energy healing approximately 10 years ago and current holds certifications in Reiki (Master Level), Angel Reader and Theta (Level III) Healing.
From a small child her interest in First Nation values, spirituality and elder healing practices resonated deeply to her very root. She uses these values and practices in each and every healing session at her healing business located in NW Calgary, Alberta in beautiful Canada.
Today she offers these legacy practices at The NW Healery. This healing business focuses on using a blend of reiki, theta and varied readings to heal her client from the inside out. She believes in healing the very “core soul” of her clients, and starts the healing process by uncovering the triggers that will help her client steer clear of repetitive or harmful behaviors. She is helping during the COVID pandemic by helping her clients deal with the stressors associated with the current personal and professional traumas through self- healing and soul revitalization.

More about Laurie can be found at: